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Well, the State is lowering the boom on those of us who are not filing our GET taxes!   Another realtor was just sentenced for failing to file GET taxes.   One of us just pled guilty to six counts of willfullly failing to file her returns for tax years 2000 through 2005.  This agent was directed ...
Well, here we are on the day after a "safe and sane" July 4 holiday.   Back to reality for awhile.   Crude oil prices are now our top economic concern, outweighing the housing market and credit problems.  I guess this means we can now focus on selling homes in a new environment?    Maybe the FED ...
The Chinese Are Coming, The Chinese Are Coming, The Chinese Are Coming Wow, we have long been awaiting for the Chinese to break out of their insular habits and get out and mix with the rest of the world.   Well, it is finally starting.   And maybe even, they are bringing some of the dollars we ha...
Are we lucky or what!   Denise Saunders has just chosen RE/MAX Kai Lani over all of the other real estate companies in Kailua.   She already has three listings!   Sometimes it feels like she sucks all the air out of the room when she walks in.  She is a veritable dynamo.  We are happy, happy, hap...
Reality bites if we are not aligned on our perceptions.  Here are some thoughts to get you interested in reading the attached link.   I have to tell you, this gets you thinking. Edward Marshall wrote an insiteful article at the attached link.  Here are a few of his thoughts to get you started.   ...
 Just a quick Reminder!!!! It's time to quit wishing for sales success, and make a plan to achieve it!   This is a tough buyer's market, but one can't sit by and wait for cleints to come knocking!    A goal without a plan is only a wish.   Most of us just sit by wishing for things to happen and t...
  If you receive email requesting confidential information of any type, please be very VERY careful.  "Phishing" and "spoofing" email cannot be taken at face value; they are fraudulent in every sense of the word.   They may appear if you look at them only casually, to be from a well-known company...
Sales of single-family homes on both Maui and Lanai fell dramatically to their lowest point in several years in January.  There were only 56 homes sold last month, 55 of which were on Maui and only one on Lanai.   This compares to 106 that were sold in January of 2007.    This was the lowest numb...
It's not easy to be a Seller's Agent in this Buyer's Market.   And, while our agents really love to work as Buyer's Agents, it is not at all wise to pass up an opportunity to take a good listing.I doubt that it comes as news to anyone, that all Housing Markets are "Local".  This is true even in a...
Surviving in a buyer's market is tough at best.   At times like this, it is imperative that one makes themselves and their companies indispensable to the people they serve.   We must all become the "must-have" provider of solutions for our clients and for those who will be buying, selling, or lea...

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