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  If you are in the neighborhood next week-end, the Coleman Fish Hatchery near Palo Cedro and Anderson, CA will be worth a vist.  The Salmon Festival is going on.  I was home schooling my 8th grade son a few years ago that finally got us down there to see this incredible annual Mother Nature even...
The Redding area has some tremendous properties available.  We are one of the best kept California secrets!  We have space around us.  No traffic congestion.  And so much beauty.  This week we enjoyed a tremendous view of the full moon coming up over Lassen Peak from our patio without any hint of...
What a joy it is to live in an area where young adults are adding wonderful things to the community.  A group called "Redding Independent Film & Television" (RIFT) is bringing the Radical Reels Tour to town.  This year it is the BANFF Film Festival.  If you're into thrills on the snow, this will ...
Tonight you may want to set your alarm clocks to walk out into your back yard to see a total LUNAR ECLIPSE!!  It is going to start around 1am (early on the 28th of August!!).  Walk out in to your backyard or wherever you can find the darkest spot and look up.  The entire show will begin around 1a...
When you move to a new area, wouldn't it be nice to have a list of businesses who actually focus on delivering great services and products?  Real Estate Professionals/GMAC has one and people who live in our area refer to it as well as newcomers.  The businesses have been hand picked because of th...

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