Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky had a great live conference call regarding property rights and the things you can do to help.
It turns out that the National Association of Realtors lied about the number of homes being sold?   How much did they lie about? They claimed 14% more homes were sold then what actually happened.   Why would they do this? They are trying to give the impression that the market is actually in bett...
Their is a lot of Fraud on Craigslist.   Here are a few rules that I have set up to help protect me from fraud. 1) Never post your email address on Craigslist and always use the anonymous option 2) When responding to ads or replying to leads, always use a throw away email address. (meaning not yo...
The Average Real Estate Commission is not enough to make a living, unless you're closing on multiple transactions per month. teaches you how to earn up to 42 times the average real estate commission.  The Average Real Estate Commission starts out at just under $...
Lead Capturing is probably one of the most important steps of being in Real Estate.   Buying or selling real estate is one of the largest decisions that the average person makes in their life and most people won't trust someone that they just met, unless they were a referral from someone that th...
Full Primary/Caucus Calendar January 3, 2012 Iowa (caucus)  January 10, 2012 New Hampshire (primary) January 21, 2012 South Carolina (primary) January 31, 2012 Florida (primary) February 4, 2012 Nevada (caucus) February 4–11, 2012 Maine (caucus) February 7, 2012 Colorado (caucus)Minnesota (caucus...
I recently got this email from someone on ActiveRain and with his permission, I am responding publicly because I think all Investing Realtors should know how to get access to capital. Larry's Message: Hi Deven, I have been doing what you are teaching for 37 years. You are very fortunate to have ...
Are you out searching for good deals? The last 10 days of the years is the best time to find good deals.   While everyone else has given up for the year, you should be out hustling.   A couple years ago I got someone to make me an offer me a very substantial sum on the house I was living in, but ...
How many Open House Signs should you have?   Most realtors use 6 open house signs, but I am going to tell you that you need a minimum of 20 open house signs   Why so many open house signs? Because open house signs are the best form of local advertising that you can do.   Do you have your picture...
Real Estate Office Space - Where should you work from?   Why would you pay to rent space in a Real Estate Office? How often does a potential client come walking up to you while you’re sitting at your desk in your Real Estate office? But they won’t come up to you at home either. So what is better...

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