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It is a common question I get. After making such a huge career move into real estate out of aerospace, people who know me, or who know the aerospace industry, just assume that if I was in the aerospace industry, I could only have one interest and passion, that being aerospace. But after a medical...
Hi all! I was reading through the blogs today and I noticed a common theme in a few of them -- having passion for what you do. Do you have passion for your profession? I may be new here, but I always have my finger on my passion pulse for real estate, and it is still beating loudly. I use this as...
CRM. Acronymed initially as Crew Resource Management, it is a popular acronym regarding roughly similar things that, I believe, came from the aviation industry years ago. Some time in the late 1970s, it became prevalent in aviation parlance after a series of accidents involving flight crews who j...
HI ALL! All of the posts I've read about hard decisions and making the right decision for a client, or what you hope is the right decision, reminds me of a time long ago decision in a previous life, when I was faced with an emergency situation with an airplane full of passengers. I post this beca...
Good day all! So I have been musing as of late. Being in the early stages of my career as a broker, I am on a mission of discovery. That mission can take many forms, but one of my favorite forms is the FLOWCHART. I know, I geeked out on this one, but I need the input of other professionals here t...
Hello all! What Generation do you belong to? What Generation group do you feel most comfortable around? It is an interesting question for all of us, because clients run the range from Traditionals to Baby Boomers, and from Generation X to Y (Millennials). And since Millennials are now at a prime ...
Greetings all! I wear my heart on my sleeve often times, and this might just be one of those moments. You see, I am a brand new agent, and I am not afraid to share this fact with you all. Fresh from the aviation industry where I spent 15 years filling various roles like pilot, maintenance manager...

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