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Part 3. Will My Credit Score be affected by the HAFA Short Sale? Great Question!  Yes is the answer.  Anyone suggesting that you can do a short sale and not have an impact on your credit is not telling the truth!  The magnitude of the impact varies greatly depending on your actions.  The largest ...
Part 2. As previously mentioned, the HAFA short sale program allows you to sell your PRIMARY RESIDENCE if you owe more than the home is worth (known as negative equity.)  There are certain forms which are required by the lender, such as: A Financial Worksheet Bank Statemetns Pay Stubs Hardship Le...
PART 1. The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (commonly know now as HAFA) was established on April 5th, 2010 by the Federal Government to help Homeowners complete a short sale with decreasing home values. The HAFA Short Sale program allows you to sell your PRIMARY RESIDENCE if you owe more ...
It seems that Strategic Walk-Aways are fueling the new wave of short sales. What is a Strategic Walk-Away?  Basically it's a volunatry Short Sale.   Studies have shown that once a home's value drops more than 25% below the loan amount, the likelyhood of the homeowner walking away dramatically inc...
If you log into www.KnowYourOptions.com you will arrive at Fannie Mae's new web site designed to assist homeowners that are struggling with their mortgage payments. It's supposed to be a one stop shop for homeowners that might be facing finacial trouble, and that might need some kind of foreclosu...

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