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One of the great attributes of the real estate industry is its resilience and its ability to adapt.It looks like we are seeing some of those changes in this current environment.For example, with Virtual Tours.Many people are reluctant to allow visitors to their properties and buyers are not reall...
When the real estate business experiences a downturn, it's certain that people will want to know about local market conditions.Do you have the tools to show them that information?Brokers and agents can now have property data such as Recent Home Sales and Pricing Trends fed directly onto their web...
Want to boost your influence?Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the popular book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" says there are several proven ways to accomplish this.Here are a few: Social Proof (testimonials and referrals) Authority Reciprocity Commitment Liking Scarcity Let's talk about ...
According to a study in, 47% of Realtors surveyed said Social Media was their best source for generating high-quality leads.That's an amazing statistic. And it shows how important those platforms have become.Here are some more facts.  26% said they used social media to promote listing...
Now that we are at the start of the new year, it might be time to consider a makeover...of your website.Here are a few suggestions:1. Add New Testimonials - client testimonials can get stale. Contact a few recent clients and ask them if they would be so kind as to send you a testimonial. Better y...
I don't know if you ever heard this quote, but it definitely seems appropriate for the holiday season."At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home."This past weekend I put up my Christmas lights, picked out a tree and generally cleaned up around the house.While doing this, a thought hit me.In a way, people...
In this day and age, online reviews are the referrals of the 21st century.As a real estate agent, it's smart to pay attention to this new approach for choosing a business (and a real estate agent).Because here are a few facts found in a recent survey by A majority of people say o...
As many of you know, DRIP email campaigns can be a very effective way of keeping in touch with prospects.But did you know there's a way to automatically send out those email blasts supplied with current market conditions on the neighborhoods people are considering?It's something to think about.Th...
There's an old saying that goes, "Nothing happens until someone sells something."This Labor Day, I was thinking about how the sale of a home supports so many occupations.According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, there are about 1.38 million members of the NAR.They sold mo...
Real Estate Data Aggregation is a technological advancement that brokers and agents might investigate to stay competitive in this day and age.Basically, data aggregation is defined as the compilation of raw information from a variety of databases,both public and private. It's important that the d...

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