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INVESTOR TIP OF THE WEEK At Real Wealth Network, we believe real estate always out-performs over time. Let's say an investor bought a $100,000 cashflow property in 2000. Today, she would have owned the property during the worst real estate collapse in history. Chances are that the property would ...
  The DJIA is down *another* 213 points - right back to the 10,300's where it was back in April of 1999. In spite of media hype, your retirement funds have lost half their value when calculating inflation (4% per year). It seems the only folks making fat nest eggs are the Wall Street Bankers who ...
INVESTOR TIP OF THE WEEK If U.S. financing were not available to you, how could you get your hands on some funding anyway? Think like an Australian. They are willing to put 50% down while paying over 8% and 6 points to get a loan. Who do you know who'd like that kind of return as a private lender...
I have been invited to speak to a group of over 1000 investors in Australia next month. I am thrilled at the chance to visit the land "down under," and discuss my favorite topic: the unprecedented deals here in the U.S.! I must say, reading the promotional material for the event was very revealin...
INVESTOR TIP OF THE WEEK We get calls on a daily basis of members asking if we think it's time to buy in Phoenix, Vegas, or in parts of Florida and California. My answer is that while there are some great deals, you've got to be very careful. Every available index is showing red hot risk in those...

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