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By Richard Hartel, DOO Question # 1: Our REO Division averages 34 DOM and a 96.4% Sale to List Price Ratio. We do everything that's expected of us. The houses are cleaned, repaired, and well advertised. However, our REO assignments only trickle in. Can you please tell me what we need to do to att...
All Equator users come and learn how to auto fill your BPO's without copying and pasting. Join our webinar Wednesday 10 am MDT or visit us at  
Realty Pilot has made another first in the REO market. Any agent working on Equator's system now can auto fill their BPO from Realty Pilot's BPO Traffic Controller. The Fannie Mae form is 100% and GMAC and Bank of America form is due out this week. No more copying and pasting to Equator's pdf BPO...
Equator BPO Auto Fill program now available on Realty Pilot BPO Traffic Controller. Complete your Fannie Mae or GMAC BPO's on Equator in less than half the time and accurately.This is the first of its kind and auto completes the Equator Fannie Mae form 100%. GMAC 100% auto complete is just days a...
Realty Pilot now has two former Asset Managers on staff that are here to assist with customer support and service.  Combined they have 38 years of Asset Managing experience and are available for our subscribers to live chat with if you have a general question, you have always wanted to ask an As...
REO agents have many tasks starting with the email received from the asset company stating a new REO has been assigned to you. This is where many agents and brokers start making their first mistake and continue the same process of time wasting procedures. This article may be controversial or just...
We have all heard of the REO (Real Estate Owned) shadow inventory for almost 2 years now and along with incentive plans and government bailouts, this inventory has been slowly eroded, so we thought. Just yesterday I spent several hours reading through the Phoenix Business Journal and over several...
Last year I had a little rainy day cash so I decided to test a theory out and pay my ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) months in advance and also pay down the principle at the same time. My theory was that the adjustment date of the ARM is based on the payment that is made for the specific month the...

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