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Hello fellow AR'ers! I've been mulling over ways to keep in touch with my contacts/prospective clients on a more frequent basis and, at the same time, not 'wear out my welcome'. ;-) We all know that what matters most to the consumer is 'what's in it for me?' So with this in mind, I'd like to send...
Do you remember the cheesy joke about the guy who tries to swim across the Atlantic....gets half-way.... doesn't think he can make it to the other side, so he turns around and swims back! haha Well some days I feel like that swimmer, not sure if I'll make it to my goal but I've gone too far to sw...
As it happens, my daughter and her partner are moving to another province; I had already mader her aware that I would be happy to represent them in this business if the opportunity should arise. As  a new agent, it will be good experience for me and it will save them some $. Although I intend to ...
Maybe it's because we are mathematical beings.... you know.....the length of your eye is equal to the distance between your eyes....your hand size coordinates with your shoe size etc. So when I noticed that my point total presently ends with 999, this bit of trivia turned my attention to numbers....
Because of the time of year and situation with the economy, I must confess I've been a bit deflated lately! Being a new agent, I haven't as yet experienced that surge of adrenalin when the phone rings! Then I realized it's time for attitude adjustment!  I've come back to something my broker sugge...
No matter the gender, it's a fact of life that we must be security-conscious. As a new agent, I would be very interested in knowing how others handle the issue of the first meeting with prospective clients. My office is located in an industrial park about 30 minutes away from my residence and I'm...
We all know how important the online factor is to the Real Estate business; but IMHO the personal touch will always be at the centre of customer satisfaction and networking. This week I began door-knocking my neighborhood, which is also my farm district......simply to introduce myself, wish my ne...
In this time of uncertainty, let's choose to be proactive and optimistic.....let's believe in ourselves and regard obstacles as opportunities!  With good health all things are possible! May the new year be everything we wish it to be.....Happy 2009!
I met a potential buyer client when sitting an open house recently; being new to the business, I was excited with the possibilities. She stayed to chat for quite a while and I thought this could be the real deal! She readily gave me her contact info and a couple of days later I followed up with h...
Hi all......with so much knowledge and experience on this site, I surely don't intend to re-invent the wheel. But maybe you'll find a suggestion or two that you can make your own! And of course comments are welcome! [I apologize in advance that the font is too big!]

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