You've just decided to SELL!   Now....what should the price be? Before you decide to hire your friend's Aunt or the Realtor you met in an Open House last year, do some research before putting your BIGGEST  investment in just anyone's hands!!  Consider the following: 1.     Up-front pricing?  Many...
Congratulations, you’ve decided to SELL!    But now, how do I find the right the best listing agent??  Take the steps to find the right Realtor that will make it a pleasurable experience vs. a stressful nightmare, AND that will get you the best price/terms.    You wouldn’t throw $50K into a stock...
People are always asking me “Do we really need to stage?  Our place looks pretty good”. The simple answer is absolutely.   Imagine if you were car shopping….but at your local mall parking lot.  Now imagine picking a car you like from the outside, thinking it’s beautiful, just the right size, good...
It's been almost 10 years since I've been with and my broker Frank Llosa is a huge blogger and been suggesting I get on board for years.   I LOVE what I do and enjoy the people interaction most.   So sitting behind a computer typing away is less desireable to me than picking up ...

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