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No lie.  According to the only documentation I could find, this day was created out of sheer winter boredom sometime in the 1960s. A Rochester, NY mother decided it was time to give her kids something to look forward to other than another dreary winter day. So, she came up with this idea to liven...
We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘getting ready’ on the east coast this week, in preparation for the historical blizzard.  Folks are shuttering windows, laying in provisions, stocking up on gasoline for their generators, and getting ready to spend a couple of days indoors. This is an extreme event ...
  Yes, that invention from 1935 is very popular today. Even though some beer connoisseurs have turned their noses up to canned beer in favor of glass bottles, think about it. Kegs of beer are made of what? Metal! Even some craft and artisan brewers are using cans now. So find your favorite beer ...
It’s tough to keep up with social media feeds, isn’t it? Friends, family, friends of friends, games, news – it’s all there.  And it's so easy to share news items from the phone directly to your social media accounts that sometimes I forget to blog! How do you handle it? I’ve had a couple of messa...
Yes, it may seem counter-intuitive to many homeowners, but there are some great reasons to beat the ‘spring rush’ for listing your home by doing so in January. I know all the reasons for not doing so. I’ve heard them every one of my 17 years in the real estate business.  In no particular order, t...
The old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” should always raise a red flag, especially with rent to own offers.  Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, and many other public sites get these on a regular basis.  Low prices for the neighborhood usually catch your eye.  Request for more ...
Thank you, Christine for posting this info!  An industry heavyweight like FNMA must know something. Do you really need an agent to sell your house in today’s market? Here’s what Fannie Mae suggests to sellers on the Know Your Options section of their website: “Select how you'll market and list th...
This report is just so-o-o odd.  An Australian family received an offer on their home with a provision to raise the price by U.S. $100,000 if they could keep the family’s pet cat. The buyer’s child took such a liking to Tiffany the cat that they decided to make this unusual offer.  The home’s pri...
Plumbing leaks can hit your water bills – hard. I’ve lived in homes serviced by wells and municipal water systems.  Wells are great, except when the power goes out.  Then you have no water. Currently I’m on a municipal system and still use a water softener, so the two are not mutually exclusive. ...
Michigan seniors wintering in the warmer Southern states may have the dilemma of renewing their license plate tabs or driver’s licenses while away.  If you’re eligible to renew plate tabs online, did you know you can do that up to 6 months in advance?  Likewise, driver’s licenses or State ID Card...


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