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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
I believe it was just a few months ago I told you when it comes to hiring contractors that I finally had learned a lesson after a few disasters.I have not.I have always been one to root for the underdog or the new guy trying to get a start in his/her business. This attitude has been 50/50 as far ...
My feature art work above was inspired by my memory of the opening credits of That 70's Show.So Tina just drove from Milwaukee to Minot and what is the first thing her Dad asks?Would you like to go with me to Bottineau ND first thing in the morning?Without hesitation she said yes. She loves to tr...
Despite the Mushroom Cloudit was a nice day to be in the yard.The next two cloud pictures need a little imagination but obviously I saw it to be able to share them with you. 😉The dead fish. And what's a perfect day without Elvis (microphone stuck in his mouth). It was in the mid to upper 60's tod...
When you live in a climate as cold as North Dakota's it's a good idea to own a scarf or two. An option for the men is to grow a beard. I usually do grow one for the winter and then shave it off in the Spring. While it seems like Summer is never going to get here I decided it was close enough. Tod...
MoonieMoonie and Spud came to us approximately 5 years ago in very unusual circumstances. Moonie passed away earlier this week but we burred him and gave him a proper funeral just a few minutes ago. Spud had passed on nine months ago.Moonie and Sud were abandoned on a street corner. Tina brought ...
My opinion.Above. This is a cheap plastic blind.Below. This is a window covering.Back before I represented developers and builders I don't think anything caused more petty squabbles at closing then window treatments. On either side.Even though our MLS offer to purchase clearly states that window ...
The blurb about Real Estate agents is quite short and the information was provided by The basic thrust of the message was to use an experienced, full-time agent with references.That being said, all references as to what makes a good agent made me think of ALL Active Rain friends that...
I am donating my mornings May 11th - 17th to a cause close to my heart. It is not a vacation but it is very enjoyable to me as I know I am contributing to my faith.The picture above is of Roy Leavitt (L) and Bill Schwartz (R) broadcasting on the AM radio side. The picture below is Chad Olson broa...
I probably should have waited until midnight tonight to post this so I could post this as a Wordless Wednesday post but I wanted to say Nighty Night because today has been a good day and I just wanted to let you know.It's kind of like being tucked in after a busy day of playing hard and chasing r...
Lately I have been taking some of Timmothy's strips that he created for the daily news paper and blowing them up panel by panel to display in the art gallery. I asked him to pick one for the next project and this is what he chose.Isn't it true that every day we decide for ourselves if we are too ...

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