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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Life, Roller Coasters, & Real EstateBoth Joe and Titus have made correct statements and I will add that Real Estate is more like Life then a Roller Coaster... the ups are definitely the best part of Real Estate. Sellers and Agents all agree we like when things are up and of course Buyers like whe...
Although Titus did not make a hole in the wall I thought Timmothy's cartoon was a good lead in to a problem many home owners would like to address... a hole in the wall and how to patch it.Personally I have always used a little DAP (brand) and a putty knife if necessary.  This is fine if it is a ...
Most first time home owners can not afford to buy their "forever" home right out of the gate. Most first time home owners also make what I consider to be a big mistake... borrowing the absolute maximum amount of funds they possibly can. Doing so can leave them so tight financially they can not ev...
While I think Timmothy Timm's cartoon strip is funny lawnmower safety  is no joke. I am sure my giving safety tips about mowing the lawn would fall on death ears but let me share a couple stories from personal experience.Story #1 , Gretta.The image above is a small portion of a painting by Russia...
Timmothy N. Timm's cartoon today is an easy one to turn into a Real Estate message. As Realtors we need to remember we are not parents to our home buying clients. Telling them to just pick one is a really dumb way to treat a client. Maybe you have shown them 100 houses over the last three months ...
Okay, I'm NOT sticking with spitting hairs, I'm going to go with SPLITTING HAIRS.Real Estate is a profession where we often see Buyers and Sellers alike trying to split hairs. Both often lose sight of their BIG goal... Selling a house or buying a house.Everyone wants an edge but really, letting a...
Timmothy's cartoon triggered a very old memory buried deep in my mind. My Grandfather on the Timm side was a handyman. He died when I was just six years old so my only first hand memory of him was a wooden boat he made for me. It was crude and looked something like this:Grandpa's boat was not as ...
Today I am celebrating that I am not in the obituaries and that the good Lord has given me another day to live (it's my Birthday). I will admit that one of the reasons I still get the newspaper is because I read the obits. It seems that every day there are obits of people my age and regretfully m...
I sure hope that you did not forget about Mothers Day yesterday, especially you husbands who have wives that birthed your children. While my mother passed away about 24 years ago and her grave is hundreds of miles away it was still a joy to celebrate Mothers Day in honor of the mother of my child...
About every 2 or 3 months I look for a certain song on YouTube. Something or someone just might catch my eye. Two or three Christmas's ago I found a Heavy Metal star that sang a Christmas song like an angel. It may be more accurate to say she belted it out like an angel. Today I saw a description...

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