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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
 Your eyes may see a hash climate that gives you shivers over your entire body but if you could see this picture through my eyes you would see nothing but a safe haven that brings about a flush of warmth and love.When we moved to Minot North Dakota in 2003 my daughter was three years old and my s...
Pretty easy trivia but just in case you need a hint hereis a video to help you out.Roosevelt Park has a lot to offer and it holds a lot of good memories for me personally. First I will do my best to discribe all that Roosevelt Park offers.Let's start at the South entrance because it's where I ent...
Minot's Downtown is Pretty Uptown!I'm sure there are a million reasons as to why Minot's downtown is as vibrant as it has been for years but all indicators are showing that this summer may be its biggest growth year since it's inception 135 years ago.Maybe it's the clever marketing through Visit ...
It was shear audio volume that got my attention early this morning. While sitting at my desk in my office (at 7:15 AM) this fellow was advertising his presence so loudly I wondered if he was just outside my office door. Nope! This guy was over a block away and he had the wrong message and the wro...
Minot ND is a city of constant change. While our population has remained faily stable by the numbers (aside from the oil boom and the flood of 2011) we do see a larger than average number of people come and go every year due to our association with the Minot Air Force Base. The population of the ...
 Ashli was someone's daughter.A daughter that I would have been proud of had she been mine. I’m sure thousands of images of Ashli go through her mom and dad’s heads just like the images I carry in my head of my son and daughter. Fortunately for me there are new memories being made every day. Not ...
ARTISTS DON'T HAVE TO "GROW UP"My children are 19 and 20 years old but our refrigerator is still just as busy as it was when they were 6 and 7 years old. It's not their fault... they have learned by example (specifically Dad's example). Here is the latest example of dad art/humor.The kitchen is t...
When it comes to signs of Spring on the North Coast you take what you can get. Here are three signs I saw this week.Carol received this buld for Christmas. We followed directions and nothing appeared to be happening for about 6 weeks. Then BOOM! It grow at a rate of about 2 inches a day until it ...
It's a GREAT day to honor our military as they MARCH FORTH today in serving our country. As you all know I am perticularly proud of one trooper, my daughter Tina who serves in the Air Force National Guard in Milwaukee WI.Please remember all of our troops today as they put themselves out for our p...
When you work in a multi-level office building you may have no idea what may be hanging over your head. On Friday I learned what was hanging over my head. Old Rusty!It's an old toilet/sewer pipe that decided IT had to "go". Of course, with my 600 sq' office space , my 2' sq computer had to be dir...

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