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Here we are again with another part to our series "Dissecting Credit Scores."Before we get into the main topic, let's recap a little bit.It is crucial to know your credit score and to understand what factors determine your credit score.  Last time, we talked about late payments and payment histor...
What factors are considered when determining a persons credit score?  How important is your credit score?When applying for credit, it is essential to know your credit score and how it can affect the outcome of your credit application.Your credit score and the outcome of your credit application ar...
Do you have a low credit score and are trying to buy a house?Getting a home mortgage loan is a daunting task for some of us.  If you don't have good credit, it becomes even harder.However, there are options for people with lower credit scores.  I want to talk about a few things that we can do to ...
Did you purchase a new home recently?  Do you already have furniture for your new home?These days there offers everywhere about financing furniture!  Ads on TV, on the internet, newspapers, or even billboards alongside the highway!Financing furniture is a bad idea, especially after just purchasin...
I remember buying my first home.  The excitement of it all!  However, it was also overwhelming! Owning your home is a huge responsibility!  You need to ensure you are entirely prepared for it.Here are a few things you should do before making that purchase!Get Your Debt in OrderYou don’t want to g...

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