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What are some of the best tips you would give to a green agent with little or no sales experience? If I get enough I'll consolidate them and make a "top tips" list. As always, getting a variety of opinions is important, as everyone has techniques that specifically fit their style. I would say tha...
This issue is probably one of the most important both new and seasoned real estate professionals should consider before starting their hunt for a brokerage. Here are some of the questions we've collected; what others belong here as well? How much business do you do a year? How many agents do you ...
I know this is a rather controversial topic as some Realtors make way more than others, but I'd be curious to know, even in a down market, what you're doing to make it pay to be a Realtor. In real estate, the answer most often is "Whatever you want to earn." Real estate can be an extremely lucrat...
In sales, as in any other area, having the right support system is critical. Be sure you engage your broker or broker support system any time you have a doubt. In addition, it pays to share your concerns or challenges with friends, family or a trusted colleague. Most often, two or three minds th...
Timing can make all the difference in a sale. You may have a prospect who seems extremely excited about a particular home. In this case, you may want to allow more time for this home and allow the client to “feel at home” there. It may also be appropriate to enquire whether this home feels good ...
When you look at your role as providing solutions to your clients and by taking a real interest in your client’s best interest, you are making a friend for life. You provide professional support and guidance when your client makes the largest investment of his or her life. This is an important ro...
Everyone has their own opinion, that's for sure. And I know this is going to be very controversial, or should I say touchy topic, but here goes. Who do you think are the top 10 biggest and best residential real estate companies in the US? I know biggest doesn't always mean greatest, but lets loo...
A negotiation need not become a war. An important step in a negotiation is to ask your client or opposing agent to present their needs and position. By doing this, you are showing respect, being polite and learning from them what would make them happy. In other words, you learn about their needs,...
If you do not have access to specialty real estate software, you may investigate prices offered by mailing services in your area. A good way to search for these services is to consult the Yellow Pages. You may also check with local shipping stores and identify your most cost efficient approach.
Your first concern needs to be organization. Create an office space, which is yours and can be locked, especially if you have a family. Real estate involves a lot of paperwork and you need to be able to carefully file your documents and retain them in an organized fashion, so you can easily refer...

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