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Well, not exactly, but the past two months have been a little crazy and has kept me away from my usual blogging on Active Rain. But I can’t complain because while things have been busy, all of the “stuff” keeping me away has been good things. For example: My wife and I found out that we will be h...
Before I jump into this post, let me first give you a little backstory of how this post came about… It all started when I added a comment to a post about the amount of website traffic a site receives. The comment stream had a very good discussion on how to gage someone else’s website traffic. I t...
When a web visitor views your site, they are immediately greeted with graphics, text, and possibly even videos or flash. Obviously, humans can quickly scan and read these elements and then determine what is important. Search Engines however see your site in a whole different light. While search e...
After such a great response from my blog post about optimizing your Active Rain profile, I decided to write this follow up post about how to optimize your Active Rain Blog. Your Blog Title It’s amazing how many people on Active Rain simply title their blog as “Bob’s Blog” or “Sue’s Blog.” The pro...
I recently wrote an article that referenced Active Rain. Since then, I saw quite a few people join Active Rain. With so many of my clients and peers joining, I figured I should give a quick tutorial on how to make sure your Profile is optimized for Search Engines. But, this post isn’t just for th...
I first joined Active Rain a few months ago. I quickly learned that in order to get the most exposure for your blog post, it was important to submit them to different groups. So I joined groups that I thought would be right up my alley. A few that jumped out at me were Blogging and SEO, The Art o...
Note: You can read the first post by clicking here. As many of you may know. I recently wrote a post about whether to sell my house FSBO or use an agent. I must confess, although my wife and I have tossed around the idea, we are not selling our home. More importantly, we are not going to sell it ...
My wife and I have casually tossed around the idea of selling our home and getting something with a little more space. Every time we begin the “should we move” talk, the same question always comes up. Do we use a Realtor? I have always been one to think “I can do anything if I set my mind to it....
There are so many great ideas on ActiveRain that it’s hard to find time to implement them all. Because of this, it’s important to always weigh the time commitment against the potential return. For me, this is one of those ideas that is a “No Brainer” on the “Should I Do It” scale. This is mostly...
I often read post on Active Rain about people achieving top ranking for Google or Yahoo. And if you think about it, it’s actually quite an accomplishment! After all, with some keyphrases, your page is competing against sometimes millions of other pages. Do you realize what this means? If you are ...

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Discussing the latest trends in Real Estate Web Design and Marketing

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