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We've had a bit of bad weather lately. Just coming out of a drought, now all we get is rain. But hey, I'm not complaining. I stepped out of my front door, looked up into the sky and thought how beautifully menacing it looked. I was taken in by the shades of blue and gray. Enjoy!
On Dec. 13, 2008, the Cabarrus County JROTC programs hosted a Dining Out. It was held at the North Carolina Army National Guard Armory in Concord, located at 1501 Old Charlotte Road. "A Dining Out is a formal military dinner that allows for military members to meet socially at a formal military f...
I just got back from an errand and getting gas for my Explorer Sport Trac. I had to blog about this. I filled my gas tank up with 21 gallons worth of gas.       I only paid $35.00 Just a few months ago, 21 gallons of gas would've cost me... are you ready for this.... $ 95.00 !!! Now check this ou...
This is a MUST READ for everyone!!!! The Realtor® Association of the Palm Beaches has been notified that there is a man who is calling himself Mr Antonio (Tony) Zalbumbide contacting female Realtors to show him luxury properties and apparentley misleading them. He has broken NO Laws. He is not b...
I have a listing for a piece of land up in Mooresville, NC at Lake Norman in a secluded, little area named, Point of View. The lot is approx. .75 acres and heavily wooded. MLS #809180. This is the view directly across the street from where the front of a house would face. I think it's beautiful....
I thought Russel Ray's blog about Active Rain points was so poignant, I decided to re-blog and post into other groups. Thanks Russel. As a Marketing & Business Consultant, I love to deconstruct things to see what they are made of (there's that pesky preposition ending again, so I'm adding this p...
I recently had a listing that I took for a list price higher than I advised the sellers should ask for. I know, I broke cardinal rule #1. They were friends of my wife, so I didn't want to insult them. I advised them, as per comps and new construction in their area, that they should list at $249,9...
Look to the upper left of the rainbow...there's a second one! That's a first for me. There I was, driving along, minding my own business...when I looked up and, "oh s**t!, look at those rainbows". Of course, they were brighter than my pic depicts but you get the picture (pun intended). I held up...
               First, I want to give thanks to Steve Kappre  for his creation of the U-Ewe! 1. When you receive a U-ewe, your option, if you choose to accept, is to promote two people on Active Rain of your choice. Be it a newcomer, a veteran, a niche marketer, someone you have never met, or anyo...

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