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I believe 2010 will be a "BIG" win for many real estate professionals around the U.S.  Why, you might ask?  Supply and demand is the basic principal that my theory is based upon.  I'm beginning to see (and hear) about more and more agents who are bailing out of the business prior to 2010, opting ...
Recently during one of my webinars I asked the students (All real estate agents) these two questions:   Where do you spend most of your money today on advertising?  The photo below shows the results - where nearly 36% (the largest group) invests their hard earned funds on print advertising.   2. ...
I found a very cool web site company in St. Louis, MO that I believe is right on track for delivering the next generation web site for real estate offices.  What I like about this company is that it serves three major areas for a real estate web site: Consumer Friendly - ...
If you have not heard about DropBox, you're missing out on a great tool.  DropBox allows you to exchange files between multiple computers, whether from home, office, other agents and yes even customers and clients!  Go to there web site and watch the video to find out more.  It'...
Wow, it's only been a short two years since I quit selling real estate and began to speak on a full-time basis, but believe me, you can quickly grow a layer of rust in those two short years.  Recently I started listing and selling again (I sorely missed being in the trenches) and I was amazed at ...
Okay, I'm writing about something a little differently today for my sales meeting blog, but I believe it's a needed discussion for future gatherings with your team members.  The topic is on being a "Good Sport!"  I've always prided myself of learning to lose with dignity.  After all, you can't wi...
For the manager who meets with the team on a regular basis, understanding sales meeting pitfalls is essential if you want to create excitement, motivation and results for your sales force.  Below you will find my top five sales meeting blunders to avoid if you're in charge of delivering sales mee...
Gosh, those are dreaded words for most people, or are they?  Accountability, what's it really mean?  According to Webster's Online dictionary, accountability means an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions."  Read what Wikipedia says about accountabilit...
According to the Web site Alexa, the top ten web sites on the Web are: Google Yahoo Facebook YouTube Windows Live Wikipeda MSN Baidu (Chinese Language Search Engine) (Japanese Version) Interesting information for Real Estate Professionals.  First, are you using YouTube and...
This week I produced a new Sales Meeting for my Members entitled, "Stress Management."  The Meeting Objective is to help agents learn effective ways to deal with stress on a daily basis. Did You Know? •Over 1 Million Americans have heart attacks each year •Some 13 ...

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