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I recently received an email titled "Matt Chillinsky, Author Appologizes to Realtors.  I opened it up and found a company promising to help you turn internet leads into closings.  He had an "e book" which he had published which promised to help to "Stop Wasting Leads", as follows:•·         Recen...
I was reading my september 2007 Star Power Real Estate News and they had a few interesting quotes in there that I thought each of you might be able to use as you talk to your customers.  I hope you find these useful..."The prices of houses seem to have reached a plateau, and there is reasonable e...
So much has happened in the last couple of weeks with lending, I had to call my lender today just to find out what the FHA limits were here in Colorado Springs and she had to call me back because it had been so long since she had done one...Times they are a changing.  When I got into this busines...
What is the deal with all of the Multi Level business models which are popping up around the nation? I am looking at opening one and I am not sure which way to go.It seems the major difference is what they pay on and how deep they you have any thoughts or have you had experience either ne...
The short of it:Get involved in your Board MLS and ask them to stop being the one stop shop for buyers looking on the Internet for homes.  Remove the addresses or maybe even the entire public link and let the consumer go to Realtor run websites to login with their email address to get all the inf...
I have seen a few posts out there for this company  They claim to be able to do great lead conversion.  The cost is up there but not when I consider the lost conversions on the leads I generate. If you have experience with others who provide this s...
Any suggestions for software or an online service to send video email to my clients?  Any help would be appreciated.
I just wanted to introduce my self, my name is Steve Glisan and I am a 20+ year veteran real estate broker in Colorado Springs CO.  I continue expanding my web-presence and hope to meet and network with many fascinating real estate and other professionals through Active Rain.Currently I have a we...


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