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Since I've been a Realtor for only a few years things come up that I like to run by someone for another opinion or advice. In our office, which is relatively small compared to others, we have a resource expert that has a vast array of knowledge that amazes me. Every office has one of these and if...
As I ponder the upcoming new year on the last day of 2008 I think to myself did I do all I wanted to do? Did I treat people like I should have, have I made a difference in the work place, did my family get the time and love they deserve, did I renew my ambition to make 2009 a better and more pros...
                     Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes?  Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market, while a good real estate professional will tell you that many times, a slow sale is often attributed to the listing price.               If a ...
       In many parts of the country, selling a home during the winter months can be a challenge.  Dreary, cold weather and the end-of-the-year holidays can keep buyers away and heighten fears of your home staying on the market longer than expected.      However, there are a few things you can do ...
Last night I was watching a program on TV that made me think, and at the same time irritated me that it was on the tube. It was about a normal middle age family man that had a tragedy happen in his life and as the story played out he blamed himself, and didn't get any comfort or support from his ...
The other evening my wife and I attended the Christmas program at Church in which our 4 year old granddaughter took part in. We are blessed to have our two daughters living in the same city as we do, so we see them and the grandchildren often. As I sat there and listened to the program it brought...
As I came home from work looking forward to a relaxing evening at home I was rudely met by the extreme coolness of the house, if it were July everything would be just great, but the calendar read Dec 4th. the joy of returning home was quickly extinguished just as the flame of my furnace was. What...
The other day I had the opportunity to have dinner with a lady named Emma. I first met Emma about 40 years ago. When I met her she was a school teacher, and farm wife and had a strong faith in her Lord. Over the years we got to know each other and learned to appreciate each other. She was married...
Only two days and it's Thanksgiving where did the year go. For some it is a true time of giving thanks for the many blessings that they have, and for some it may be a little harder to find a reason to be thankful. Sometimes the days get long and the jobs we have may be a little frustrating at tim...
When I was  growing up we lived on a farm. one of the things I really wanted  as did most young boys of my age was a horse. I had two brothers and they had absolutely no interest in a horse, so I was pretty much on my own to convince my father that life couldn't go on without one. We went to a ru...


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