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I took time out today to watch the presidential inauguration of President Obama. The promises that were made and the hope that was granted seemed very lifting giving me a sense of maybe the country will get on the right track. Time will tell how he performs and what he will be able to accomplish ...
This may be one of the hardest things to do, only if you don't try. What do I mean by that, time after time an this is Real estate 101, keep your customers informed. People like to know what is going on with their property whether it is showing or not, and if it isn't what can you do to make it s...
Awhile back I wrote a blog about Emma, my mother-in-law, and now I want to write about my granddaughter Emma. Emma is four years old going on sixteen, as I watch her do things I see her mother when she was a little girl. Time seems to fly by when you think about how things were twenty years ago. ...

You said what? Say that again I don't think I heard you right. We were standing in the room with my daughter and son-in-law  just after their son was born, as beautiful as he was I was still in shock over the name they picked out for MY grandchild. Bam came into this world surrounded by loving gr...
In our business we try to adhere to a certain amount of schedule so we can plan our days and try to be efficient in the work that we do. One of my biggest pet peeves is the client that makes the appointment to see me at a certain time and doesn't show, or call to say they won't be able to make it...
Here in the upper mid west other wise known as Gods country we are in a deep freeze. When you go outside the snow crunches and the sharp cold air burns your lungs, so we don't spend any more time outdoors than we have to. Having been raised in this locale we get used to it, and dress accordingly,...
Here's one I have never run into before and thought it was unique. I had a seller that I represented and when I sold her property the title company discovered a lien that she didn't know about. The county showed her property to be free and clear of liens. This was discovered only a few days befor...
    Perhaps you'd like to take advantage of today's great buyer's market in housing but feel a little intimidated by everything that's involved.           You know the routine: finding the right locale and the right house; negotiating an agreement; putting together a down payment; and selecting t...
Do you get all your paying for with your print ads? That is the big question we at our office are trying to decide. It seems all the information that we hear, and receive is pointing toward the net. I know I have found that people who are looking at my listings are getting their information from ...
This past weekend the weather was, to put it mildly not very pleasant, so being the type of person that I am, I found some projects that needed to be done. First I figured out how the best way to accomplish the projects that were in store, then I got my helper and the way we went. We worked toget...


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