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Finally we saw something that we haven't in a long, long , long, time the sun was out today, it wasn't raining for the first time in what seems like decades. It was fun to be able to do some of the chores around the yard that haven't gotten done yet, wash the cars, and a host of other jobs that s...
With parts of the country still recovering from the housing slump we in Sioux Falls are reaping the benefits of a steady to an increasing market. This year in the month of August sales were up 18.1 % over the same month in 2008. This is in part contributed to the First Time Home-buyer Tax credit,...
Having been on the farm for a number of years and still having a interest in it, this time of the year is super busy with the harvest being taken out so the farmers can reap the benefits of their toils. Except this year, harvest hasn't hardly started because of the relentless rain that keeps givi...
A while back I wrote a blog about a friend of mind that I sold a home to that was in the final stages of cancer. I wrote how he and his wife had planned for the end and made decisions that would ensure that the farming operation would carry on and his wife would be taken care of. This morning I r...
Ok, I know many of you have had this happen to you but it just irritates me to no end when it happens to me. I was called to do a CMA on a house of a relative in a small town near where we live, the owners had to move to assisted living and the other to a apartment, the house was just to much for...
A few years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to fly and feel the freedom of soaring like a bird in the sky. We lived in the country and had a beautiful grassed field that would work for a runway so I could keep the plane at home. As I searched and researched for a plane that would fit my ...
When we were first married and our children were young we traveled by driving to out vacation destination. In the winter of 1984 we decided that Disneyland in Calif would be our choice of vacations for the winter it was about 1500 miles or so one way so it was to be a two or three day trip. We ha...
Gary, get up its time! Time for what its still dark out? Time to go to the hospital I'm ready. It takes me awhile to function in the early mornings but this morning I was up and ready to go in a heartbeat. You see we were expecting our first child so the excitement was overwhelming. It doesn't se...
Over the past few weeks it seems like I've gone from one end of the spectrum to the other, close friends have passed on, or gotten sick to the point where there doesn't seem to be a way of getting better. On the other end new life has began for babies that were born to people that are friends of ...

When I was still living on the farm we were involved in the ethanol industry as it promoted the use of our crop of corn to produce it. During this same time I had a son-in-law return from Iraq after spending 15 months fighting for our freedom. Now Global warming was becoming a big issue and HBO d...


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