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Real Estate news in the Austin, Texas area. General market conditions and trends. More detailed information provided for specific inquiries. Real estate agent referrals for central texas region.
CNNMoney.com6 ways you're wasting gasWednesday May 21, 11:41 am ET By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer With all the worry over fuel prices, you'd think drivers would do whatever they can not to waste gas. But look around and you'll see lots of them tooling around as if they owned th...
  _______________________________________________FIABCI_____________________________________________________________2000 N. 15th Street, Suite 101 • Arlington, VA 22201 • (703) 524-4279 • Fax: (703) 991- 6256  FIABCI-USA                                                                             ...
 Monthly Report Shows Little Change in Central Texas HousingMarch 19, 2008 - According to the latest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) report, the median sales price for homes in Central Texas grew 2 percent in February. Single-family home sales were 10 percent lower than during the same period in 2...
If your board is using the MLS Exchange I would appreciate any comments you may have. We have been on system since November and they are-still struggling to get it right at our expense!  Main response is that we all need more training on the high tech program. Wish they had just built something w...
 Good morning/afternoon folks.   SXSW the big and growing Movie and music festival has hit the streets of Austin this last week.   Here is a link to everything you want to know about the event and where and when everything is happening: Here is a link to other events ...
Good afternoon,I wanted to make you aware that I can provide you or your client's information on Austin, TX and surrounding communities. We have a complete relocation CD made up and ready to ship all you need to do is let me know your name address and how many you need.The CD is full of links and...
Hi, here is the new FHA and Fannie Mae- Freddie Mac conforming loan limits info just released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)         To find out the new limits in your area, simply click on this link:
Recession Recession: Wikepedia - In macroeconomics, a recession is a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year.Many economists defer to the judgment of the business-cycle dating committee of the National Bu...
Austin TransitionsI have been asked by a couple of people to comment on transitioning to Austin from other parts of the country. I can only speak from my own experience coming from the Boston, MA area. I have been here 10 years and what can I say. The lifestyle cost of living and overall quality ...
Austin's Economy is healthy and strong despite news from other areas of the country. There is a buzzing in the air prior to our spring market for the first time in the last several years due primarily to the first real lull we have seen here Dec/Feb period.We have home sellers that have been putt...

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Real Estate news in the Austin, Texas area. General market conditions and trends. More detailed information provided for specific inquiries.