A couple days ago I decided to take the big plunge and invest in revamping my home staging website.  As a newcomber to the home staging industry (getting close to my one year anniversary) I took the advice of a well meaning friend to market and implement an intrigueing and captivating website exp...
I just love reading all the wonderful ideas, suggestions and comments that come in from the new and veteran home stagers alike on this website.  I read earlier today on another blog that stagers could earn money cleaning homes during the slow times of staging work.  I think that is a wonderful id...
Ok here's a question for all my home stager and interior designer collegues:  I had a friend approach me today with giving her ideas on what the easiest way would be to deal with unwanted wall paneling.  Of course, if you have the resourses and time to do so, you could just tear the paneling down...
After a recent search through several listings of homes for sale, I was struck by the lack of a true understanding that a picture really does speak all for itself.  As I was browsing through homes even at the highest end of the six digit range, I often found it very hard to see any home at all.  ...

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