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Please feel free to critique my personal Investment Strategy.  Tear it to shreds if you want, I am looking for well thought out responses. So far the Federal Govt, has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the various "save the economy" efforts.  Undoubtedly, hundreds of billions more will be ...
I watch TV and read newspapers, and spend way too much time on the internet reading about the economic crisis/lending crisis/recession etc etc.  I still can't figure out two things that are making my life as a Realtor tough in St George UT.  Here are my question to all the MORTGAGE PROPHETS out t...
There are many benefits to living in Paradise (St George Utah).  One of them is the abundant outdoor activity.  Here it is early December, but 15 minutes from my front door, is a gorgeous sand dune of red dirt.  I'm taking my 2 oldest boys and my best friends (who also happen to be my Real estate...
Remember the game where a blindfolded person would walk around a room, looking for an unidentified object, and those in the room would direct them with "You are getting warmer", or "You are getting colder"?  Well, we in the industry, need to send the message to our elected representatives, that t...
This market is a difficult trial to those closely associated with it, i.e. Builders, Lenders, Appraisers, Title Co's and Realtors. IMO, professionals in each of those groups would be wise to exercise CAUTIOUS optimism, and find the exceptional opportunities that exist in times of irrational panic...

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