Predictions for 2017 and any year can and will be daunting.With listings being at a low level as compared to 2008 most will feel the only way to go is up.First lets start with a new president incoming whom if he provides some clarity and stabilizes the real estate market and economy in the firs...
137 Heberton Road, Irondequoit, New York 14622 is now available being listed by Nothnagle Realtor's.This well maintained 3 bedrooom, 2 bath ranch also has a finished walk out basement with a wood burning stove, second kitch and could be used as a teen suite, a full fenced in rear yard and close p...
Most of you already know there is one in my family and have always respected law enforcement one way or the other.As today is National Law Enforcement Day please take a moment and give them the thanks they deserve.If not today then maybe the next time buy one a donut and a cup of coffee.
Just received notice that our son-in-law was just promoted to a Sargeant in the Sheriffs Department.For us it is a proud moment and know that it is something he has been working towards the last six months. The only drawback is he will return to the overnight shift for a while.Hopefully he and ot...
Each day we receive an update of agents looking for homes in a certain area to be notified when it will be available. This feature is one not to my liking but if it arises I will notify an agent.The other is an agent looking for a cleaning person, electrician or along the same lines.I have a coup...
Just in case you did not get the memo replaceable battery operated smoke detector are illegal in New York State. They either have to be hard wired or have a sealed ten year battery.There goes the post for reminders of replacing the battery!The new moveover law goes in effect on the seventeenth re...
Checking the MLS this morning there were 233 expired listings this morning compared to only 80 for 2/1/2016.Looks like the phone and mail will be getting a work out tomorrow.It will be intersting to dee how many will be relisted by Wednesday.Last year out of the 80 only one had been relisted thro...
This morning William Feela asked a question if we were working or celebrating today; which was answered that if a client called I would take care of them.Well the phone rang shortly after from two clients asking if it was possible to see a total of three homes
Sitting here relaxing and the door bell was a ringing and the two generally sleeping mongrels are barking up a storm! There are two young guys standing there with a package. Not recognizing them I asked what could I do for them.The response was we made these( two pretzels with a mini reese cup in...

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