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Here's A Special Technique To Save You Tens Of Thousands On Mortgage Interest      Did you know that on a $150,000, 8% fixed-rate, 30-year loan you would save over $68,868 in interest and pay off your loan seven years early if you made just the equivalent of ONE extra mortgage payment every year?...
Understand The Basics Of Home Financing  Your ability to afford a home will be related to a number of items.  They are:1.         The PRICE of the home.2.         Your DOWN PAYMENT on your home, and thus the amount financed.3.   The INTEREST RATE and POINTS of your loan - the amount a bank charge...
What is a "due-on-sale" clause?When a home is financed, the borrower agrees to make regular monthly payments.  However, if those payments are not made, if they are late, or if the lender's security is reduced (by not making payments, damaging the property, not maintaining insurance, not paying pr...
Where can I get more information regarding accessible housing options? Try the following sources: •·         State architectural associations.  •·         Local builders.  •·         State and local builder organizations.  •·         Hardware and building supply outlets. •·         University arc...
How long must I live in a house once I buy? When you apply for a loan, a lender will ask if you intend to use the property as a prime residence.  If the answer is "yes," then it is expected that you will physically move into the property and live there for some time.  There does not seem to be a ...
What is an "as is" sale? An "as is" property is sold without a warranty as to condition, repairs, or structure.  With an "as is" sale, the buyer is on notice that the seller makes no promises regarding the property's physical status.  With an "as is" sale, it is extremely difficult to make a clai...
How To Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home  Here's A Guide To Avoid Costly Problems And Sell Your Home For Every Bit Of Its Worth In The Least Amount Of Time...How To Sell Your Home For The Most MoneyThe Market Will Pay! Mistake #1:  Failing to DRESS Your Property For Sale      Buyers ...

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