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So what does a Tenant Representative do? A Tenant Representative, or Tenant Rep for short, is a licensed real estate agent, broker or brokerage firm that specializes in representing prospective tenants to property owner’s and their lease listing agents. A Tenant Rep spends a great deal of time le...
  When comes to commercial real estate loans, pre-payment penalties come in all shapes and sizes. One that confuses real estate and/or mortgage professionals the most it the yield maintenance pre-payment penatly, which can be a financial killer for your clients.  This article quickly and accurate...
Well it’s up to you and your investment goals… As we know real estate investors are return and cash flow driven and most investors like to diversify their portfolio. I just heard from a friend of mine who works at a firm that under wrote the latest CA Bond Offering. He says the return is about 1....
We all procrastinate, it's part of life with all that's going on, this is a quick and effective  commentary about getting it going and staying consistent.  It's so easy in the RE biz to put off for tomorrow what you can do today.Think you may procrastinate? Do you keep putting off a task that bec...
We all know the best way to exist and sustain yourself in the real estate industry is by receiving a steady flow of referrals. Usually a lead from a valued referral source is going to be much better than any cold call lead. You approach the referral lead with more confidence and self-assurance th...
  I'm sure every agent out there as dealt with more than one buyer and/or investor who wants to a steal a home. They think that they can offer $20,000-100,000 less than the asking price. They say they know of someone who bought a house for a song, but they can never give you enough details so tha...
Best Happy Hour Places:  Deals on food and drinks in Glendora, La Verne, and Covina In the real estate biz most of us are pretty social and we like to enjoy the good life, at least as often as our wallets let us.  So here's a few local gems around that offer great deals on food and drinks and the...
Businesses Taking Advantage Granted the ecomony is in the tank, job growth is pretty much non-existent and we all know how the real estate market is, but in every down economy there are always those who prosper. Right now commercial real estate buying and leasing rates are at bottom. Most economi...
...A Commercial Real Estate Broker That could be kind of a philosophical question, but let's keep it simple. This is my first blog ever so allow me to introduce myself, my name is Raoul Amescua, I am a commercial real estate broker and a principal at Hanover Properties. I have been in the busines...

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