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I became aware of what I am about to share decades ago and went through the pros and cons of it all. However even without math the concept holds its own. It has been done, is being done and will continue because it makes sense and it appeals to a certain group of people with this mindset. Remembe...
If you do not ask that is what the answer will always be i.e. NO! What we should never do but find ourselves doing more often than not is asking the question mentally within our own minds and then answering it there too making it never really come out to play and stay. I ask you: Why then are you...
I discovered this dynamic called ignoring when I was a child but I didn't understand what it was or why it was or just what was it? It exposes itself as a feeling that pulls or pushes that is not pleasant when it is at work and the natural response as a child is to make a noise, do an action or w...
The underlying premise of "change" is to discover and uncover our ability to do so i.e. effect a change to whatever we assign our attention to. Called cause and effect we quickly discover that we make a difference by doing something even anything and then we realize what comes next: Trial and err...
All of the life experience remains personal and subjective. What I like you may not and if I am cold you may be warm. How then can we argue what we are sharing? In the world of personal truths all are correct unto themselves. Its when others get involved compromise and perhaps perspectives change...
This post is just for fun so no hate mail please LOL. I was reading the Q & A which is controversial at this time and laughed when the subject of points came up. It made me remember when I was a point-addict and monitored closely points coming and going. There was a reason for it i.e. to save som...
At some point in your lifetime you will come to realize and make an effort to give-back or assist another in some way perhaps out of a need or to fill a void for all concerned. It is profitable to invest in serving others and mark it down as charitable work when you do. Look around and you will s...
There is something about a New Year that builds expectation and enthusiasms. The dynamic kicks in in two stages. First stage: When the current year is going or coming to end. Its a repeat of a cycle of life where something that was will be no more replaced by what will be and is coming. Second ph...
Lets be frank. We don't usually over-indulge (I hope so) as a rule. For the many that do, having a holiday that supports eating drinking and the like gives permission thus making it okay to do so? The thing is it is not okay to over-do but instead "to do" and the wise know the difference. If one ...
Well another year had us over and now it is time to leave & say farewell. Whatever did or did not happen we were here throughout the year doing what we Americans do best which is enjoying our freedoms, opportunities and travels. How good of 2019 to have had us and allow us to explore it in its fu...

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