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What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding sati...
We take for granted when we speak that we are communicating but is it effective? Be mindful of speaking in rote which is mechanical or habitual repeating of something learned. Rote does not give a high rate of return in the intimacy realms. Another watch word? Script! Speaking in a canned respons...
You know of these principals but by their full names they are known as hindsight, foresight and insight and they are wanting to be welcomed each one as they visit with you. Why? They bring with them valuable gifts and lessons all for the good. Who sent them? Where did they come from? What is our ...
Fear is an intruder dynamic and was never part of the creation aspect or divine purpose but can be used in such a way that brings about personal spiritual growth. You see it occupies valuable Real Estate within the self and when approached has no standing whatsoever. It has an obvious weakness th...
To get to this stage of the Real Estate transaction is inevitable whether you are buying or selling. I can see if buying, how exciting it is but when selling, not so much. Moving, is on the list of things that are life-changing events that cause stress resulting in health issues, divorce or separ...
The land of think can be a nice place to visit but extended stays are discouraged. Its like watching a movie for the 3rd time. The dynamics of newness, intrigue, discovery, adventure and outcome is considerably reduced. So it is when you replay over in your mind life events in the now or the proj...
Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are always on display either to others or from our action results and even unto ourselves. There is no obvious secret place where one goes to hide. NO. While you live, you are on display. Who and what you are & what becomes of it is monitored constantly....

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