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Watertown Wisconsin Real Estate, web marketing, internet marketing, SEO, search engine optimization
Seems like the only segment of the real estate market still moving is the investor rush on foreclosed homes which banks are letting go for pennies on the dollar. Seems like class warfare to me but what do I know. I think that the tax credit will not expire like a realtor exclaimed yesterday... In...
Southwest Wisconsin Real Estate is really the only place where pricing and value are still one in the same. I mean prices have come down in other parts of the state, but the bubble that artifically inflated prices really never happened in Southwest Wisconsin.
Some time ago a not so famous segment posted on my facebook wall to hurry up and take advantage of the first time buyer tax credit before it expired. I commented that there is no way they can let this program expire in its current form as this is 50% of the already weak market. If you don't thin...
Do it yourself SEO?? Yes, its going to be very possible very  soon for realtors to do SEO for themselves and actually be able to follow a step by step program. MWM, a Wisconsin Search Marketing entity is putting together a program where people can actually do their own SEO and Web Marketing .   T...
Using search to market yourself is getting more popular, however during this small spike in opportunity many real estate professionals are not using their websites to the fullest potential. Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion go hand in hand. People searching for foreclosure sales an...
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It looks like the fed is trying to say we are near the bottom of the real estate market, what do you think? Honestly I don't see it, although we rarely do before we are truly past it. Detecting the bottom of the market would in my opinion could include things like less foreclosures, a better stoc...
Today as I am reading my daily dose of real estate news and things like that I came across a post that kind of ticked me off. Some old lady broker from the east cost who insists that agents cannot become professionals at anything else. In fact her blog post cited people who had been in real estat...
As it would turn out, I am not able to practice right now due to my moving away from RE/MAX Preferred. I need to be able to practice and that would require me having a broker to work for, so if your interested in having a 10+ year veteran on your team, without a bunch of fees ( the reason I left ...
The dems have pretty much gotten their idea of a "stimulus package" done and actually may be signed into law today. They all speak of cutting the "Pork" out of these bills yet this one is 50% fat. My own brother thinks Obama is the anti-Christ, and I know others like him. Most of my friends like ...

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Watertown Wisconsin Real Estate, web marketing, internet marketing, SEO, search engine optimization