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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.
Water is essential.  It is part of everything.Turning on a faucet and finding just a trickle is a bummer!In this area there are houses that do not have wells and rely on cisterns that you have to haul water to via a tank on a trailer, the back of your truck or by a water hauler guy.Water to keep ...
Living on an irrigated acre offers us an extra perk.The presence of a fenced garden plot is a temptation we will not be able to overlook.While we deal with the waiting for approval to take our license test and affiliate with a local company, we can cultivate plants .Just contemplating the tomatoe...
      Going green has health benefits in addition to being good for the whole planet.We have been studying about herbs and veges ever since I tried to die in late 2007',The old adage that you are what you eat became painfully apparent after my stroke!Ralph began to cut off everything we had eate...
    For the years we were not able to live in the mountain home of our choice, we frequently found ourselves dreaming of them   The details were not as vivid as I wished but for the most part the visions were pleasant.   Now they are just a hop and a skip from our delightful home for the next ye...
    Many of our favorite places to dine come with an outdoor option.Such is the case with "Olde Tymers".  Located on Main Street in Downtown Durango Colorado, they have created an escape.The patio has an ancient rock wall, Buick pavers and an eclectic array of benches and tables.Flowers fill in ...
  While sorting through some ancient files for Durango from our previous life here, I found the photo of Snowball   The cat is a contrast to the flowers in a front flower bed on Bennett street.   We had the house listed where "snowball" lived.  She ruled that part of the neighborhood .  Deserved...
  When you look out any of windows of this house you see potential leisure.   The hammock has been calling ever since we moved in three weeks ago.   We have been too busy making this house into a home to take the time yet.   Soon as we get totally unpacked, get the Colorado test taken again (next...
    Right after we moved into our Durango rental home, we had difficulty with the dining room fixture.   After trying every light switch within reasonable proximity, we were baffled that there was no light coming on.   As I pondered the situation, I sat down at the table to think the problem ove...
We once worked at a Real Estate Co here in Durango where there was an especially bright, fun secretary.   She made each day just a little more enjoyable with her wit.   One of the things she did was delegate something special to every day of the week.   Fries on Friday were her specialty.  Every ...
A friend we had made in our previous residency in Dynamic Durango told us that the chief cook and kitchen wizard from Farquarts (now closed)was opening a new restaurant.  The Farquharts pizza was legendary, and daily specials were always good.We waited for a couple of weeks and then began to che...

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Author Bio: Ralph and Jeanne are long time Real Estate BROKERS dedicated to helping good folks buy homes and land in Durango Colorado and the Surrounding area.

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