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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.
When Ralph closed his business and sold the building his business was housed in June of 1998 he closed at a Title Company and all the bills were paid.  We went on with our lives.A few days ago the Title Company that is handling the transaction of our current house called him with the news that th...
Today's morning wake up call was the Appraisor for our house.  Although we deal with Appraisors daily and have for years, there is something disconcerting about having one coming to value your personal home.Since the recent changes in the procedure, I was happy to see that this person was old eno...
Although they started in February, the March winds continue to wreak havoc on hair and skirts in the greater Houston area.In all the years I have had to live in Houston, I cannot remember a more impressive bluster.  Driving becomes a genuine challenge when you have to make a concerted effort not ...
Once in a while we have situations that come up as a result of inspections that strain our relations with the sellers we represent.Although we understand well the need to be frugal, we do not understand running risks of messing up a transaction either by failing to do all the requested repairs , ...
  That is what the pictured food is called on the menu at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.It works well as lunch for the two of us.Included are flautas, tachitos, chili con queso, quacamole, and stuffed jalapeños.  Es muy bien!  It's a filling treat and satisfies our never ending need fo...
How do you decorate your fence shelves?Here is a suggestion.  Ask your basic black and white cat to lounge attractively on it.Placement is important too.  The draping effect is more dramatic than a straight on napping appearance.Not only does this make good use of the space, it also looks attrac...
When you move a box and your back makes a cracking noise and feels like someone is stabbing you in the back with an ice pick, it is not a good sign.Cracking when related to bones is never something you want to hear.  In this case with our move just a month away, having either of our backs out is...
There are some foods that do not look appealing at all.  In fact when you see them, you wonder who was the first brave person who thought of eating them.Pineapples are one of those foods.  They work well in an assortment of recipes.I recently received an email from a friend that illustrated the i...
  Where can you combine tasty and thrifty with a totally off the wall decor?  Well, there's a brand new location in Northwest Houston.Freebirds  offers an array of burritos, salads and chips.  Not only does the food taste good, it is basically healthy fare.Whether you chose vegetarian or meat, t...
March has been incredibly windy this year.  To add to that little inconvenience, it became unseasonably HOT a couple of days ago.  Before spring , hot is totally unacceptable as far as I am concerned.Last night it rained.  This morning there were pools of yellow powder everywhere.The yellow powd...

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Author Bio: Ralph and Jeanne are long time Real Estate BROKERS dedicated to helping good folks buy homes and land in Durango Colorado and the Surrounding area.

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