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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.
Corridors of water run everywhere!Houston was basically built in a swamp.  One of the reasons it is known as the Bayou City.  The Allen brothers had great vision and utilized one of the larger bayous, creating the Houston Ship Channel.  All the rivers and bayous empty into the channel on their w...
One of the joys of packing is that once the essentials of cooking and plating are accomplished, one can no longer prepare meals.O.K. So force me to abandon my pots and pans for a week or so.  We will not have as much control over what goes into our food but for a few days we will just have to rou...
While lunching at one of our favorite restaurants we heard a sudden terrified screaming coming from an adjacent table.A previously well behaved child had begun to wail.  We saw nothing out of the ordinary until we focused in on "the Hat," Ralph asked " do you suppose it is the hat?"I had no clue ...
If you had spent years building a business and then had two weeks to decide who you wanted to take care of your clients, who would you select?All those people you have established rapport with, built trust and even come to love dearly need to have the best service you can provide.  Trying to serv...
One of the hazards of our profession is the tendency to grab meals on the run.That habit can cost you.  Not only monetarily but in your health!We learned the lesson the hard way.  It cost us two years of my life and scared Ralph daily and put him through rough stuff!We changed our diet and added ...
  We are on the little league ball field which is a sure sign that it is spring! The fields are a verdant green and beautifully manicured!Most lawns do not look this good... But most lawns are not AstroTurf!    This tournament was at a newer facility than the usual one and it is state of the art...
This morning one of my emails had the following piece of wisdom.  "Do not ask The Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet!"Well then!  How often have we all been guilty of that sort of thought?It is so easy to ask for direction with the idea that if we do not approv...
Years ago we bought the fountain in the photo at an arts show in Durango.We have enjoyed it as a bright spot in our decor.We have not enjoyed the scum which formed on a regular basis.  Sort of makes you wonder what is in the water.The regular cleanings have become more and more difficult over ti...
In a recent transaction, the buyers agent heard a different drummer.When it was time for the inspections to be done, no appointment was made since the house was vacant.  She simply went when she wanted to.  We found out on one of our weekly house checks.  This house had a stove stolen after a sho...
We went to a closing today...  Our sellers are long time friends and we have been helping them liquidate their Real Estate holdings due to his onset of Alsheimers.It is a vicious steadily debilitating disease, and is painful to watch.  In the past year he has retreated into more and more darkness...

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Author Bio: Ralph and Jeanne are long time Real Estate BROKERS dedicated to helping good folks buy homes and land in Durango Colorado and the Surrounding area.

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