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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.
If I had to do the move to Durango over, I would leave all the plants we have nurtured for yearswithnfriends and relativesBetween the loading challenges and the bumpy ride, some did not survive the trip.  Add to the moving experience the fact that the vegetation was impossible to water and you ha...
    Some businesses just have corners on their markets!Such is the case with breakfast.  There is only one choice once you have experienced "Oscars."Located in downtown Durango the food is outstanding and offers a wide range of menu delights.  From basic bacon and eggs to "chili verde, " your ta...
      Just a short, breathtakingly beautiful drive up the Animas Valley north of Durango Colorado is a well established HONEY of a place.Ralph had learned that eating local honey helps to dissuade allergies.  It worked in pollution filled Houston so it stands to reason that it will here too.In a...
We made another run at closing the house where the seller had health issues that caused the Title Company to prevent him from signing his papers.Since Friday a week ago the seller and wife have been running around trying to fulfill the requirements the title company attorney was requiring.The doc...
One of the things that make moving such a an emotional experience is the saying goodbye to friends and family as your new life's chapter opens up.Monday night was one of those evenings.  A son who lives about three miles from our house that is now sold, met us for dinner about halfway to his hous...
Life it seems is all about competing!Even with friends that you are fond of,sometimes it is necessary to utilize strong arm techniques.Case in point was our goodbye lunch with our favorite lender.  She had paid last time we lunched together and I made it clear that this was our treat.She said no....
When we passed this crane this week, I was grateful that our business does not require us to spend time up in the air.This gentleman was laboriously changing lightbulbs in all the lights along Cypresswood.  It is good that it is being done before the temperatures soar.As I was considering how fo...
We are all encouraged to plan ahead.  Plans for today, this week and even the next five years.It is a great premise...until life gets in the way.What you do about it when your life gets rearranged  contrary to your wishes shows what you are made of!You have the choice of getting back up , and mak...
Splendiferous !  This plant illustrates the word well.As many plants spring forth with their best blossoms, this one certainly merited a second look and then a lasting photo.It is a study in what makes people take notice!In the case of plants it is the color, quality and quantity of blooms in an...
"-Never confuse movement with action. "  Ernest HemingwayThis quote was on my emaIl this morning.  I chuckled!How many times have I stepped out in faith figuring that it will be easier for God to direct my steps if I am in motion?The answer is MANY!It is so true that motion does not necessarily p...

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Author Bio: Ralph and Jeanne are long time Real Estate BROKERS dedicated to helping good folks buy homes and land in Durango Colorado and the Surrounding area.

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