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Many people ask, can I sell my house on my own and save real estate commissions? The answer of course is yes. But I think that many people do not understand the process and you really need to in order to sell your own home. In this blog I will try and explain the process as clearly as I can and, ...
I am writing this to educate some people about the 2008 and 2009 first time home buyers tax credit. I have discovered that some people think that just because their name was not on a deed or title that if they buy a house before Dec 2009 they can take advantage of the 8000.00 tax credit the gover...
 Hi, I am a real estate agent with a burning desire to help people. Yes I desire to earn money also but I believe that giving will bring the rest in time. I am willing to help people for free. Now I can not lie and say I can put your house on the market for free because I can not. My fee's are of...
Selling your home yourself at first may seem intimidating but it can be done. I will explain to you how to find out what your house is worth, how to market your home, how to make your home presentable for buyers, and how to circumvent the legal aspects of selling your home and qualifying your pot...
  Hi everyone, its been awhile but thought I would tap into the vast knowledge of this website. I am probably not alone when I say what are people waiting for. Especially first time home buyers. We are in a market that we probably will not see again in our life time. Prime real estate is at its l...
Hi everyone, I am posting this Blog as helpful information to the public. First I want to say that I have developed a Newsletter to help and inform people of things that are important. You can down load a free copy by going to www.reysrealestate.comclick on download link and you will find it ther...
Well this week the wife and I are in Rock Port MA. I am sitting in our room right now and listening to the ocean hitting the beach. How tranquil is that. So far I have seen some super real estate for sale around here and I did not think that its way out of whack. Between 500,000 to 800,000 and th...
Well thanks for every one who welcomed me and for the grate advise. I look forward to conversing with different people in the network and look forward to the relationships. I do not know who sent the invitation to join Active Rain but I am glad they did. I was looking for a way to get involved an...
Well I guess I should start with how I got started in Real Estate. It was about eight years ago when I decided I wanted to buy my first house. I had a lousy credit score and never thought I would be able to buy a house. But for some reason I loved the house I was looking at. I called the Real Est...

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