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This blog site contains information about property inspections and areas of interest in Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Nashville, TN; and Davidson and Williamson Counties of Middle Tennessee.
    For me, time is a precious commodity and I do my best to guard it and use it wisely as I only have this moment. I feel that as I get older and I watch the sands swiftly move through the hourglass, each grain of sand that falls and every tick of the clock brings me closer to my eventual end on...
    Eons ago, in a era far, far removed from most memories, there was a species of people that used to sit in a place in their living spaces that was called a living room or den. Prominently placed in these rooms was a device called a television set. There the occupants would pay homage to this d...
    What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, I needed one of those mechanic’s stools as my arse was dragging - badly! Even though I felt as if I had gotten a good night’s rest, I felt like being a cat; curling up in a ball on a quiet, sunlit windowsill and check the eyelids to see if they leaked...
     Wow! Wednesday already? Time is fun when I am eating flies. I am so grateful for the way this week is going as the team has gotten several inspections on the books this week and next.     The marketing team is doing great as well. We have started making inroads into different market areas an...
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius    I love my job. I love what I do and I do what I love. I look forward towards the beginning of the work week as it gives me new opportunities to grow, learn, love and serve. I can only hope that you are looki...
    Unlike real estate agents, as long as I am in this business, I will never run out of blog fodder. I love what I do and do what I love because I enjoy the architecture of newer and older properties and I enjoy and often get a laugh when I see the ‘craftsmanship’ that goes on especially in reha...
    Most of the time when one walks into a bathroom or a bathroom water closet and flips the switch, the sound of the ventilator fan comes from the ceiling. One can only imaging my surprise when I flipped the switch and the sound came from the area of the throne. Logically thinking, I have often ...
    This past week the temperatures have been extremely warm - almost too warm for this time of the year. With that, flowering trees of all types are in full bloom. Long before the introduction of flowering crabs, cherries and Bradford pears, the redbud was the first tree to flower after the firs...
    Time. To me, it is the the indefinite continued progression of hours, minutes and seconds that mark my existence in this plane of existence. Like everyone else, I strive to utilize this most precious resource as I realize that once I spend it on an activity, there are no refunds. It is spent ...
    Folks do and purchase some not-so-smart things and often get caught up in fads or crazes. Pet Rocks was one of them. The rocks were smooth stones supposedly from Mexico's Rosarito Beach and they were marketed as pets that did not die, need to be walked, fed, bathed and so on. They came in a c...

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