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    No doubt about it, the customer is king in any business and thanks to Bob Stewart and his challenge, I am setting a new course for my blogging. No, I do not have a list of 10-20 things. I like the KISS approach and my blogging efforts both on my WP site and here in ActiveRain will reflect the...
     Every home has a bomb tucked away somewhere. It may be in your garage, attic, basement or under your stairwell. There is enough potential energy in this bomb to level the average size property. The bomb I am referring to is your water heater.    It is not unusual to see water dripping from t...
    Folks just love to fool around with electricity - the one thing that will electrocute them or burn their home down. Nevertheless, some folks love to tinker or they think they are an electrician. [Oye! Veh!]    The inset is one example of how not to power a garbage disposal. The soft-sided con...
    One thing I can say about the home inspection business, there is rarely a dull moment. For the most part, folks who purchase investment properties to ‘fix and flip’, want to maximize their profits. It is not unusual for them to make do with what is offered.     Selling a rehab incorporates a ...
    January is radon awareness month. Both the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General strongly urge all Americans who live in high radon belts to have their homes tested for radon gas because radon, is 2nd only to cigarettes as the leading cause of lung cancer here in the US. Middle TN is a hign radon ...
    Here we go again. It is January and there are two great contests out there to get your blogging year jump started. Between Debbie’s Reach Out and Touch Someone and Lynn’s Jump Start Challenge, one should have plenty to write about. Now to begin: Weltanschauung    Weltanschauung, pronounced, v...
     Over the past few days I have read several posts and folks making comments in ActiveRain’s Q&A section making statements that they are going to start adding videos to their blog and personal websites this year. I am too and I have already started doing so. For those who are, I think this is ...
    Today is the semi-official start of the new year as most schools and government agencies start their routine and the rest of the world wakes up from its state of stupor to face the reality of the work-a-day world. This year, we all have an opportunity to write a new chapter in our lives. Glan...
     Over the past several weeks, I have been wanting to end the week and my final post with an attitude of gratitude. There are many things I have to be grateful for:     1) We finished the year with a flurry of activity and hit our December goals - Yeah Team.     2) I was given another week of ...
    Yesterday was spent working on the computer as I wanted to get some videos done for the website and my AR blogs. Needless to say, today I am paying for it as I feel as if the mind has stripped a gear or the clutch is blown. The words are there but the mind won’t process the information. [SIGH...

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