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    This particular subject costs Home-buyers, Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors, a substantial amount of money annually when the buyer's expectations are not met after their HVAC system, which is a mechanical device that can fail at any moment, does in fact fail. So who is to blame? Often, ...
    Things change and so do people. One of the fastest changing areas is the Internet and IT. In the many years I have been associated with ActiveRain, the platform and software has gone through many iterations. There were some ideas, such as “Call the Shot” which came in with a lot of hoopla and...
    For over a half a century, duct tape has been keeping airplanes together, nuclear subs together, it makes race cars faster, has been used in space missions and was used on the moon. Needless to say, it is a universal standby for patching up millions of fix-it projects. I believe it can tempor...
    Duct tape! Is not all it is quacked up to be and it is used for almost any type of repair that the human mind can imagine. However, duck tape had an interesting beginning:    The duct tape that we know today was first created and manufactured some time in the early ’40’s by Johnson and Johnso...
“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan” ~ Margaret Thatcher     Every motivational speaker and coach who is worth their salt, teaches the importance of having written goals and plans. Napoleon Hill in his book “Outwitting the Devil” stated that even a weak plan will work . ....
    Wow! Thursday already? This week has zipped by faster than a speeding tortoise. Seriously, it seems as if Monday was only a few moments ago. That is the funny thing about time. When we were young,  time seemed to dawdle. Now that we are older . . .    It also seems that when we are entreprene...
    It is not uncommon for home inspectors to get asked by a customer, “What all do you inspect?” There are some that will say everything. Really? According to most Home Inspection Association and the State Home Inspection Standards, there are items we shall do and then there are things that are ...
    According to Merriam-Webster, Character is defined by the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves. It is a set of qualities that make a place or thing different from others.    In our respective businesses, we all share one thing in common, we are all in sales. Like it or not, we are all sales...
    Okay, it is not officially Monday anymore and for some, yesterday was faux Monday. Some believe that life really begins on Tuesday as Monday is a day of rest, chill and defog from the weekend events. [SIGH] {Some folks need to get a life . . . but then, maybe I do!}    Nevertheless, yesterday...
       1 minute and 30 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot of time does it? About the amount of time it takes to heat a stone-cold cup of coffee to the desired temperature. Add them up over a period of 41 days and you have just over 61 minutes. On average, that is how much daylight most of us have g...

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