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     Earlier today, Tom Arstingstall wrote a post "8 Things You Should Not Say to Your General Contractor". In his post, he mentioned the California laws surrounding smoking "medical marijuana". While in California, I noticed several "medicinal marijuana" shops. Naturally, being of the inquisitiv...
     Technology. Where would I be without it? In our modern era it seems as if there are no if's, and's, or but's about it; I find that I either swear by it or at it. I love electronic gadgetry and when it comes to gadgetry, I have an insatiable love affair with my mobile phone.     Having run th...
Thanksgiving. A day when folks gather around a table with family and friends and give thanks for all that they have. For some, it is health, family and friends. For others it may be prosperity and possessions. The list can go on, for each and every one of us is (or should be) thankful for all tha...
Thermal Imaging...In an attempt to lessen liability and to provide more accurate inspections, it appears as if the home inspection industry is leaning towards the use of infrared cameras to detect concealed defects that would not normally be visible during the "visual" inspection process. Once ag...
When it comes to predicting weather, it seems as if the prognosticators have the propensity to over sensationalize the forecast. In what was touted to be the "blizzard of the century" the media was urging the public to stock up on eggs, milk, bread, and everything else that the family might need ...
Healty Eating - NutriBlast Recipe #1...Most folks wait until the first of the year before they start their annual weight loss program. I have made the decision to start mine now. My goal, is to lose 10 pounds between now and the first of the year. So what's for breakfast and lunch today? A health...
Now that vacation time is over, it is time to get back to eating healthy. Needless to say, my eating habits over the past week or so Not been the greatest. Stepping on the scale, I heard the machine say, "OOF!" and the display read "one at a time please!" Okay! Enough is enough! This morning, it ...
This morning is the beginning of a new day and the beginning of the final stretch for 2013. While I will not say it's back to the daily grind, it is but it isn't. I know, it's one of those oxymorons that really doesn't make sense but it does. Gosh! There I go again! Contradicting myself.Although ...
Spanish Made EZ...I did not realize the size of California and the huge Spanish influence on the area. Traveling through, there were many cities that began with either "LOS" or "LAS". These are masculine or feminine terms unusually preceding a vowel. The terms can be defended as follows: Travelin...
After several hours of listening to other members of the coaching/mastermind group yesterday, there comes a point of saturation and brain overload. There is something to be said about working with and sharing ideas 16 of the top businesses in the Nation. The learning curve is exponential. I alway...

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