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Memories...  I will be the first to admit it, I am a pack rat. Through the years, I have stored away memories in every nook and cranny that I can imagine. I have accumulated more stuff than Carter has liver pills. Some folks call it stuffitis. Others, junque. I prefer to call it memories. The inf...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday... I often get amazed at the resourcefulness of nature. And I get especially amused at the antics squirrels display when searching out their next meal. Although they can be a real pain at the feeders, I have to give them "E" for effort or is that an "A" for amusing... ...
Are Houses Being Built Better? Yesterday, I had a rare opportunity to inspect two new construction properties. At one time, I ranked new construction on par with older, poorly maintained structures. Both were about as much fun as a sharp stick in the eye.  Maybe this slowdown in the economy has a...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder..."People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."~ Dale Carnegie While you may not always have the luxury to choose who you work with, choose the people who you know are passionate about your chosen profession. Your interaction...
(not so) Speechless Sunday...Although old man winter has much of the Nation in his icy grips, I kinda like the patterns that his bud, Jack Frost, paints on the window panes. Mix the intricate patterns of ice crystals and the early morning sun, you have a picture that rivals any of the masters in ...
Getting Down to ActiveRain Basics ~ Picture How To's...I have been asked by several folks, how do you get text to wrap around your pictures and how do you set your justifications? In this short video tutorial, I will show you how I do it and what works best for me.     Want to know how to insert ...
Friday's Fotos ~ Let's Get With the Program, Pal...Batten down the hatches 'cuz thar she blows - the blizzard of the century will hit Nashville. Or so said the weather prognosticators. Yeah Right!!! Get out the leaf blower to clear your drive kind of thing.    H-m-m-m. Somewhere between the leaf ...
Inserting your You Tube Video in your ActiveRain Profile...I have been asked by several Newbies on how to insert a You Tube video into their profile page. As promised, here is my version on how to do this. While, there may be differing opinions on how to accomplish this task, I have done a short ...
Preparing for the Storm...I consider myself to be a rather logical person. But, for the life of me, there is one thing that I cannot wrap my puny mind around. Why is it, that as soon as the "S" word is mentioned in the forecast, everybody and their cousin will flock to the local grocery store and...
Water Water Everywhere...  Like the line from the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", water water everywhere is not what one wants to see in their listed property. Nor does the home inspector! But this is what happened earlier today. It is not unusual for real estate agents to turn the heat down to co...

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