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the Whys Behind the Whats...Almost daily, I scan scores of posts reading the activities fellow ActiveRainers are doing to prepare for the upcoming year. Everyone has their own, carefully choreographed itinerary, meticulously dotting every "I" and crossing every "T".Why? For some, the answer is ju...
Damn It's Cold...Vacations. They're supposed to be warm and sunny right? Either someone forgot to tell the weatherman or someone forgot to turn up the heat.While my stay here at the Biltmore estate has been wonderfully cheery, the temps have been anything but. 7 degrees here this morning with a w...
Who sez you can't blog on your Droid? Dummy me forgot to pack the power supply for the laptop, so my only connection to the outside world is through my phone. I should be back from my mini break here in Asheville late wednesday. I w'ouldn't want to type on the phone every day, that's for sure.
The Rain, the Park & My Kodak Moment... For me, every click of the shutter creates a Kodak moment. That thin slice of time, mechanically captured on light sensitive material, impregnates images in our minds and perminately etches them on our hearts. It had been raining most of the morning. Needin...
31 Days of December Challenge ~ Days 8 - 10...Wow! Time is sure zipping by faster than we can all imagine. Time to get my sorry butt in gear as the end of the year will be here sooner than we all realize. And let's face it, between the eggnog, strudel, office parties and other distractions, the m...
How Slow Can You Go? We live in a fast paced society. There are many of that exist on the bleeding edge of speed ~ Faster horses, faster cars, faster internet... Back in the dark ages, we connected to the internet through services like Prodigy or AOL, screaming through cyberspace at 9K Baud speed...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow, someway. You have a place in the pattern in the grand scheme of the Universe, and so do I…      ~ Michael Thornton In the Holiday classic, "It's a Wonderful Life...
31 Days of December Challenge ~ Days 1-5... I often wonder why I'm the last to find out about contests, challenges and other diddies put on by ActiveRain members . This morning, I stumbled upon Richard Iarossi's repost of Jennifer Prestwich's post announcing the 31 Days of December Challeng...
2000000 and Counting...A Zero by itself means nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Put something in front of it say, a 2 followed by 6 zeros - that MEANS something. Like a whole lotta blogging.Today, ActiveRain blasted through another milestone on its trek toward being the largest real estate blog site. To...
For Out of this World Service...Service can be defined as a product that is consumed by the end user and does not require any further refinement. Service is a tangible product that can be defined, taught, lived, measured and rewarded accordingly. Our goal is to stand out from our competition. Our...

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