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Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... Another Sunrise, Another New Beginning
.          ~ UnknownThe dawning of a new day should bring new hope. Hope to put yesterday's defeats and shattered dreams behind us and begin anew. This morning, stand in the glowing, inspirational light of ...
They Are Still One of God's Creations...Through the years, I have taken tens of thousands of pictures. Like most folks, some are your typical point and shoot family affairs, some get a little more serious or creative. I have been going through the arduous task of cataloging the pictures. Like gen...
Good Night ActiveRain...'Tis the end of the day and my work is done; I was lucky, and got to watch the fiery sky from yet another setting sun. After all the trials, stress, pain and struggles to make it through the day; I thank God for rest, peace and relaxation. Tomorrow, the rat race starts ane...
Inching Ever Closer...Once again my ActiveRain friends, we are on the verge of making ActiveRain history. Slowly but surely, we are inching ever closer to the 2 millionth post. Who wudda thunk it?Going into the "Way-Back Machine":     Jay Thompson, was credited with writing the first "official" A...
Making a Statement...Body language. The more I study this field, the more I find it fascinating how twitches, hand gestures and even body movements can send subliminal messages and make more of a statement than words can ever express. Do you think the messenger is sending a clear message? Do you ...
Who Will Stop the Sheep? This really became apparent to me while standing in line at the local Post Office. I watched while folks exiting pressed past patrons lined up to enter the facility. Stepping out of line, I walked to the other door and pulled. It opened. Everyone stopped and looked. Lines...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...Where does time go? The last colors of autumn are waning, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and before we know it, we will be starting a new year. Seasonal November storms make short work of the remaining leaves still brave enough to linger this ...
What Would I Do With $220 in Savings? ~ Funny You Should Ask...Years ago, while studying the laws of supply and demand in college, I quickly learned this concept. Let's  face it, we all survived on that great smelling gooey crud that came to us in cardboard boxes at ungodly hours of the night... ...
Multitasking ~ ActiveRain Style...Unless you are living on another planet or still stuck on dial-up , you have undoubtedly noticed the server slowdown and the increase in proxy errors over the past few weeks. Like me, many of you can only allot so much time to social media and ActiveRain. T...
Stuff...It is amazing the stuff I see in peoples homes. Stuff stacked everywhere. Stuff stacked in closets. Stuff stored in attics. Even more stuff stuffed under beds. Every nook and cranny stuffed with stuff. Have I said enuff?But what do we need with all that stuff anyway? Lord only knows, once...

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