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Kill a Watt ~ Power Monitor...Being a techno-junkie, I hang with folks that come across some interesting gadgets. Shortly after posting Kill a Watt ~ LED vs CFL, I got a call from a friend who wanted to show me his power monitor.The sensor fits on any standard utility power meter and takes but a ...
Kill a Watt ~ LED vs CFL...Being a conservative independent, I have long been mindful of our ecology and finite resources. As the global population expands, so does our need for power to fuel the wheels of commerce. Because the power bills from NES here in the Nashville, TN area continue to spira...
What's in Your Ghar-Bhage, Dahling?As every Mom knows, strolling down the cereal isle at the local supermarkets like Publix, Harris Teeter or Kroger not only makes the rug rats happy, but it provides the tykes with all the nutritional sustenance that they need to get that jump-start before gettin...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... IF, a two letter word for futility.      ~ Unknown I disagree... IF you do nothing, nothing happens. IF you do something, something will happen. IF you can dream, you can see your heart's wishes. IF you put forth the effort, you can make those w...
Good Night Active Rain... What is it about the moon that so fascinates us mere mortals? We gaze at it. We write songs about it. It waxes, it wanes. There's a man in it. It affects our tides and some folk's way of thinking. We harvest, hunt and love under it. Old farmers planted by it. Men have le...
(not so) Speechless Sundae... Early Autumn. A time when the greens and pastel colors of summer give way to the golds, browns and blazing reds of fall. As one season transitions into the next, Indian Summer is a unique opportunity to experience the best of both seasons. Summer is still hanging on,...
Kill a Watt ~ A Tale of Two Power Bills... Last months power bill was a real shocker. The excessive summer heat + my nonchalant attitude toward energy consumption = a real doozy of a light bill. Yes, my urinary tract as a "tad" upset, but then, being upset can be a good thing.     This past month...
Home Safety Tips... Every year, thousands of Americans are badly injured in their homes. They take for granted that their homes are safe but do not take time to be fully engaged in home safety. Many home injuries are directly related to poorly installed or maintained attic ladders.    Manufacture...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday... As long as there are males and females, the never ending saga of the battle of the sexes will continue. Seat up or seat down? End of discussion! Point made! Any thing else we need to talk about... Complete Home Inspections"The Guys With the Hats"© MMX michael thornt...
You Just Can't be too Careful... Folks seem to want to make much ado about nothing. It seems as if the least little thing that looks out of place, gets the whitey-tighties in a big wad. It is not unusual to see dips and sags in a roof. The thin decking material will follow the contour of framing ...

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