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Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns... ~~Unknown It is not always the path we are on that brings us the greatest rewards. Rather, it is knowing that we are on the right path. ~~Michael Thornton Y'all have a great start to...
We can all learn from Rosie the Riveter...Of all the images and posters  generated during the WWII era, none is more famous than Rosie the Riveter. IMHO, Rosie embodied the true grit and gumption that this nation was founded upon. The embodiment that yes, when we ALL work together, as a NATION, ...
Good-bye Fall 2009...In most parts of this great nation, fall 2009 is a mere memory. Gone are the brilliant colors. Gone is the crunch of leaves under one's feet. Gone are the squeals of children, jumping in the piles you so worked so hard to rake. Yes, fall 2009 is just a memory. While looking ...
Knob & Tube Wiring...has been around for several years, and is quite prevalent in many of the older, more established neighborhoods in Nashville, TN and other markets across the country. These are relatively safe systems IF, like sleeping dogs, you let them lie. However, folks just L-O-O-OVE to t...
Plumbers Rock...Now this statement can be taken several different ways. Such as in Plumbers Rock! They are cool! Hip beyond belief and all that other raz-ma-taz. Yeah Buddy!!! Or you can say plumbers rock. That pile of stones used to hold up sagging pipes because they were out of plumbers strap ...
Just because they are a licensed electrician...doesn't mean that the job has been done right. While inspecting a property in the Nashville real estate market the other day, I came upon several wiring inconsistencies. The property owner stated that a friend of theirs was a licensed electrician, an...
Keying on the right color...Chroma-Key or green screen technology is a studio technology that has been around for awhile and is constantly improving. When I got my MAC, I was fascinated that iMovie had the ability to do chroma-key or green screen. As quickly as I was enamored, I was just as quick...
Friday's Fotos - Rain drops on a rose...There is something about a nice gentle rain that soothes the soul. The air has been cleaned, and the lighting conditions are just perfect to capture photo ops such as the water droplets on this rose. Kinda puts you in your right mind doesn't it? Join, Frida...
Photo blogging is more than taking pictures...Most folks who know me, know that I love photography. That being said, is it any wonder that I would join William Johnson's ActiveRain Photo Blogger Group?...Photo blogging takes on another dimension when one couples all the segments of video, photogr...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday ~ Having a distorted point of view...Ever met one of those folks that are really weird? You know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones that have that mentality where they seem to live in a world of grays. Most folks say that they have a distorted point of view...To the...

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