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Inspection Photo of the Day ~ Recycled Building Materials...With times being what they are, as a professional home inspector in the Nashville, TN real estate market, I often see used building materials being recycled. If the material is in good usable condition, I really think that this is a grea...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday - Saying Good Bye to Summer...  As the chill of the first tinges of autumn settle into the middle Tennessee valley, I am filled with mixed emotions as I say good bye to summer and say hello to autumn. The flurry of activity at the humming bird feeder has waned. The fee...
Inspection Photo of the Day ~ DIY Wiring... DIY wiring kits come in all sizes and shapes from the novice do-it-your-selfer all the way up to the contractors grade kit. These kits come fully equipped with all the necessary tools, wiring and other gizmos one needs to completely and almost instantly...
Inspection Photo of the Day - Look on the Bright Side...  Active knob & tube wiring is very common to see in older properties in the Nashville real estate market. While safe in most instances, this older wiring convention and sleeping dogs have a lot in common - leave it alone!!! However some ent...
Inspection Photo of the Day - Asbestos Tape...  Like many communities, Nashville has a lot of older real estate for sale. Although not perfect, many of these older properties were built to last by craftsmen that took pride in their work. As modern conveniences like air conditioning became more af...
Inspection Photo of the Day - Damaged Shower Pan...  While inspecting some Nashville real estate the other day, one of the inspectors for Complete Home Inspections came across this interesting scenario. The seller of the property was urged by their agent to get a pre-listing inspection before th...
Inspection Photo of the Day - Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later...  Borrowing a line from an oil filter ad that was quite popular a few years back, the like popped in my head when I saw what appeared to be the unhandy work of either the home owner or someone with enough knowledge to be dangerous. It nev...
We have had a lot of stormy weather the past few days. When the ground gets as saturated as it is, and thunder storms pop up, it is not unusual to see flash flood warnings being posted. We have had several over the past few days. Yesterday, while on Hwy 96 and approaching the $18 M dollar bridge ...
When was the last time you used or even heard the word ineffectual? I have to admit, ineffectual is not a word that frequently rolls off the tip of my tongue even in a Freudian slip. And quite frankly, I cannot even recall the word ineffectual ever coming up in general conversations. Last week, ...
Nashville has plenty of homes for sale, and my job as a certified ASHI inspector is to be on the lookout for common plumbing issues. In most residential properties, It usually does not take a good home inspector long to find some unhandy workmanship that can raise some flags and sometimes the eye...

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