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Come Join Our First Annual Spring Mixer... Come join in the festivities with our first ever Spring Mixer... Where: Hangaing Around Gallery 1506 8th Ave N, Nashville, TN When: March 31, 2009 - 5 - 8PM Come join us for drinks, snacks and prizes... Sponsored by: Complete Home Inspections KenaArt Cre...
As we all know, tomorrow is a day for pranksters of all types to come out of the woodwork; however, there is a computer virus, "Conficker C" that threaten not to be a prank. There are a lot of "sick puppies" in this world that have nothing better to do than to find ways to wreak havoc on the uns...
Monday Morning Motivator... "It doesn't make any difference whether what you face is something that affects your work, your personal relationships, your sense of security, your appraisal of self-worth, or your appearance--the way you think about your situation largely determines whether you will ...
Yesterday, Matt Stiglaino wrote an excellent (featured) post titled "Are We Getting Away from Our Roots". In his post, he debated the value of the "Wordless" posts that many here do. In our defense, because I am an equal opportunity offender, I really enjoy looking at many of the photos that mem...
This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value too us. - Western Union internal memo 1876 If they only knew then what we know now... Wishing all my fellow drips and tweeps a G-r-r-r-reat weekend... 8-) If yo...
It is not uncommon down here in the Nashville, TN area for folks to have freezers or refrigerators in their garages. Ya know, we gotta have some place to store our liquid refreshments, pizza and other manly man culinary delights other than the the household refrigerator. Besides that, we need a ...
Nashville, TN like may other cities in this area, has a large inventory of older houses on the market, and it is easy for unsuspecting home buyers to get caught in this plumbing trap. While this trap is not necessarily dangerous dangerous to your health, under the right conditions these can raise...
With great satisfaction, I have to say that yesterday was my day to go around shooting real estate agents. I am quite sure that this is something that many home inspectors would just LOVE to do if given the chance. - LOL - And yesterday I did it! I shot a bunch of them. No, not with my 357 magnum...
Bradford Pears in Bloom... Wishing all my fellow drips and tweeps a great day... 8-) If you or someone you know is purchasing a home in Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, Spring Hill or Thompson's Station in the Davidson or Williamson county area of Middle Tennessee and would like more information ...
Earlier to day, I wrote a post that ActiveRain was on the verge of achieving a milestone in their career 1 Million posts. Today at 2:18, Brandon Farmer posted the Millionth post titled Charlottes Positive Market Indicators. Lets give Brandon a warm Congratulations for being the lucky person to p...

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