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6.  Make sure your newsletters are INTERESTING 7. Build time spent looking at your newsletters by including CONTESTS and QUIZES. Challenges will hold people's attentionGives a sense of accomplishmentsMake them look forward to the next issueHave a call back response.Example: First person to call i...
1 - You want to make sure your newsletters have a Headline2 - Make sure your newsletters are FUN 3 - Make your newsletters INFORMAL and PERSONAL 4 - A great way to make your newsletters more personal is to mention your CLIENTS BY NAME. Example: The top referring agent this month was Susie Seller,...
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I found it quite interesting that I have not gotten any points for inviting others to AR. I have sent out several invites. Why would this be? Any body have any ideas?
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Look to the Future Too! Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~John F. KennedyAt Complete Home Inspections, Inc. we believe in preparing for the future...We provide your client with quality service on every inspection, and also w...
The True Measure of Our Thanksgiving..."Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving."- W.T. Purkiser I count every person that we do a home inspection for as a blessing - and I try to make sure that every home owner that works with you underst...
Home Buyer Maintenance TipWe enjoy trying to make sure that your home stays one of your most valuable assets.  The best way we know to help you with that is to pass along some simple maintenance tips that most people don't know that could save you thousands of dollars.LandscapingIf you are going ...
Home Buyer Maintenance Tip We enjoy trying to make sure that your home stays one of your most valuable assets. The best way we know to help you with that is to pass along some simple maintenance tips that most people don’t know that could save you thousands of dollars. Landscaping If you are goin...
As a home inspector I am asked to go back and re-inspect repairs at a house where I had previously done an inspection. More often than not, I will do so, especially if it involves structural or roofing issues.First of all, most insurance companies that carry the home inspectors E&O try to discour...

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