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Maintenance Tip fromComplete Home Inspections, Inc.Brentwood, TNWe enjoy trying to make sure that your home stays one of your most valuable assets.  The best way we know to help you with that is to pass along some simple maintenance tips that most people don't know that could save you thousands o...
Property inspections some time around the 11 month is a good idea especially if you did not do the home inspection prior to closing. Better builders will repair defects in material and workmanship during the first year that you own the property. Depending upon the builder, some properties will ha...
Most good real estate professionals suggest that new construction properties get an independent inspection prior to closing or the final walk-through. Most don' citing money is tight, especially if they are first time buyers. Or, there may be other circumstances that prohibit the inspection proce...
More often than not, when talking to friends in the real estate business, many people that purchase new properties forgo the inspection contingency because they buy into the line or lie that "It has been inspected by the codes department. There is nothing to worry about."Well ... Kinda-sorta true...
I am still quite new to AR - Joined a few months ago but really did not do anything with it for the first few weeks. I dibbled and dabbled at some posts and then I got to noticing Points!How in the world did so many people at the top amass such a quantity of points in such a short time? To the be...
It is amazing the amount of information that is posted on AR. As I click on the posts, It is amazing how much information is posted every day. Originally, I thought that I couldlimit myself to 20 minutes a day between postings and comments. Boy was I wrong! I now have to set a timer to cut my tim...
  We understand that every home-buyer has a dream...Part of our job is to help make that dream come true.  Thanks for allowing us to be part of the dream.~~ Michael Thornton ~~, President 
I got an email from a friend of mine with a link to an on-line game called BAUNS. It is free and nothing to download. This If you don't watch it, this can get quite addicting ~~ Just like Active Rain. Do your best because are competing on a national level.
A few minutes ago Tom Braatz from Milwaukee, WI made a post about refrigerator magnets. I have been seeking an inexpensive source for refrigerator magnets. Does anyone have some URL's or sources that use? I have checked out some sites and prices really vary. I am working on some projects in my ar...
I joined AR about a month or so ago and quite frankly, did nothing with it. Last week I met with the home stager in my area who invited me to AR and she said that she spends about 15 - 20 minutes a day reading and posting blogs. She is in the top 3 in our county. I decided to look to see who is i...

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