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     The United States Department of Agriculture has, since 1862, been regarded as the party responsibly for developing and executing government policy on agricultural facets like food and farming.  What slips the minds of most when thinking of the USDA is that the agency is also in the mortgage ...
It's incredible the posts one can stumble accross.  This post in particular stuck my attention especially.  I am a huge, huge fan of Thomas Jefferson, who attended the College of William and Mary, I love seeing historical grounds mentioned in modern media.  Many years ago today I graduated from t...
Today, I was sturck suddenly with the urge to make a logo for Tailwinds.  To my disadvantage, I have and have never had any artistic ability; why this urge came over me, I still do not know.  But determined to satisfy my itch, I scoured the web looking for "free logo builders."  There are plenty...
The days of conforming are upon us, it is seen everywhere from fashion trends to business practices.  But is it ever really noticed?  If you ask me, not hardly, conformity is simply sloughed off with a sigh and an expression of, "it is what it is."  Originality: now there's something to take note...
When it comes to social media, we are nearly suffocated at the time of log in with posts from people all over the world.  What I have found in my experience with the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is that attention is really only paid to that which deserves it.  Namely, deserving pos...
Good afternoon Colorado Real Estate!  Here at Tailwinds Mortgage, we are working hard at unveiling a new promotion.  It's still a secret but here's a hint: it's all about the former noun in our namesake.  We can't wait to launch it and will be holding our breath until we do; expect it to roll ou...
Ever since my infancy, I have enjoyed a friendly affection towards aviation; it was not until my adult years that I would realize the potency of my flight training as it applies to all aspects of life, especially career. I was 17 years old when I earned my wings, it was all I cared for at the tim...
Plain and simple, the mortgage banking market is saturated with brokers, all vying for the attention of Realtors and buyers alike.  With the power of free will and the absence of major monopolies, buyers are clear to adopt whomever they please as the person to finance their home.  What must first...

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