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Unlike Poipu Condominiums that experienced a 35% spike from 2004 to 2006, Princeville's Mean Sales Price increase has been more gradual. Consequently, the back-pedaling of equity values in the Princeville condominium market, therefore, shows statistically a much less less-dramatic contraction. T...
  BIG BAILOUT BUCKS HUGE DOLLARS   Federal bailouts, equity buys into banks and investment houses, liquidity infusions by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, loan guarantees and economic stimulus checks now total $8.5 trillion, according to various estimates. That equates to about 60 percent of U.S. ...
The National Association of Realtors projects that as the US economy continues to back-pedal, Real Estate prices nationally will soon contract to 2004 levels. Based on current figures as shown on the graph below, Poipu Beach condo prices have already returned to those levels. This suggests that P...
Seeing the threat to the world economy’s vital functions, the policymakers have been working overtime. Interest rates have been cut dramatically. American rates are already down to 1%; Britain’s are at a 50-year low; and this week China’s central bank lopped 108 basis points off its main policy ...
The current scarcity of funds available for mortgage lending creates a chicken-and-egg situation, 1. Investors who provide funding for home loans don't want to commit more money until they believe the housing market is getting better. 2. But it's hard for the housing market to rebound as long as...
  Taxkey MLS# Sold Price Sold Date Type  Days on Market Subdivision 4-2-8-17-10-47 199947 $200,000 11/20/2008 Condo 410 Koloa Beach 4-2-8-17-26-129 207507 $700,000 11/26/2008 Condo 224 Koloa Beach 4-5-4-5-18-97 211709 $386,000 11/21/2008 Condo 75 Princeville 4-2-3-24-54 206283 $250,000 11/21/2008...
There is More Bail-Out Money from Other Sources. Wall Street analysts, congressional overseers and the media have parsed every detail of the Treasury Department's financial rescue program -- $250 billion and counting. Largely outside public view, however, the Federal Reserve is lending far more ...
  Subdivision Taxkey Location Price MLS# Weliweli Heights 4-2-8-20-4-7 Poipu Makai #B2  $800,000    206435 Princeville 4-5-4-5-24-42 Nihilani - Princeville #14C  $619,900   212856 POIPU BEACH ESTATES 4-2-8-31-168 Poipu Beach Est Lot #:168  $500,000   218198   4-4-5-16-11-1 4841 Lani Rd #A  $129,0...
Assuming he is nominated Mr Geithner brings two crucial qualities. First, he represents continuity. From the first days of the crisis last year, he has worked hand in glove with Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, and Mr Paulson. He can continue to do so while awaiting confirmation. If Citigroup, fo...

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